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Welcome Bookworms!

There are so many great reads out there that we have decided to ask some industry experts who know their stuff, to help us out! This month Verushka, our Children’s Book Expert from “The Book Lounge” – an independent bookshop in the Eastern Precinct of Cape Town City Centre, has sent us her recommendations for alternative Princess stories. Thanks Verushka!

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Olivia and the Fairy Princesses  by  Ian Falconer (R220.00 hardcover only at this stage)

Olivia is the most fashionable pig in literature and in this latest offering, by Ian Falconer, this is no different. Olivia finds that there are too many ruffly, sparkly princesses around these days, and she has had quite enough. How can you be an individual that stands out from the crowd when all everyone else does is fit in? It is very important for Olivia to be special and she will go to many lengths to do that! This delightful story offers a hilarious look at princesses, because as we find out, it takes more than a fairy wand to be a princess.

The Worst Princess by Anna Kemp (R100.00 paperback)

With witty rhyming text we meet a feisty young girl, Princess Sue. “Someday,” she sighed, “my prince will come, but I wish he’d move his royal bum.” When he finally does arrive, he is not quite what she had in mind. Princess Sue feels there should be more to life than this, and the reader goes along for a funny twist on the traditional princess tale, as she sets off on her own adventure. Princess Sue is a great character for young girls to identify with, as opposed to the stereotypical portrayals of traditional fairytale princesses. The prince comes across as a bit of twit (which is not always the case with princes!), but it’s good to occasionally read books that say – girls rule!

Princess Smartypants by Babette Cole (R100.00 paperback)

Although this is not a new book, I thought Princess Smartypants would go very well with the other two suggestions. She is a princess who wears overalls and rides a motorbike. She doesn’t want to get married; she’d rather live with her pets, but her parents command her to find a husband. The Princess sets ridiculous tasks for her horde of suitors who all fail miserably, until Prince Swashbuckle appears. He accomplishes all of the challenges with resourcefulness and a royal flourish, and is rewarded with a kiss from Her Highness, which immediately transforms him into a gigantic warty toad! When word gets out, no one else wants to marry Princess Smartypants so she gets to live happily ever after with all her magical beasts! A great alternative ending to fairytales as we know them!

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Sale extended for one more week - get up to 20% off your entire order!