Unveiling our Top 15 Black Friday Picks: Transforming Childhood with Exclusive Kids Furniture

As the holiday season approaches, create lasting memories with our top 15 Black Friday products, curated to enhance your child’s living space.

From classic bunk beds to modern, functional high sleeper beds for kids who like gaming, these exclusive items are not only aesthetically pleasing but also crafted for comfort, safety and durability.

1. Bunk Beds

Experience the enduring charm of our Classic Bunk Bed by Stompa, available in elegant white and grey. This classic, solid wood bunk bed combines simple, timeless design with sturdy structure. It converts into two full sized single beds for later use. If extra sleeping space is required you have the option to add an underbed trundle. If extra storage is a must then you have the alternative option of adding a pair of storage drawers.

Unveiling our Top 15 Black Friday Picks
Classic Bunk Bed by StompaGrey and White
WAS R13,500.00 NOW R12,150.00 SAVE 10%

In addition to this timeless design, explore our four contemporary bunk bed options: Biblio, Stim, and Shelter by Parisot plus Ryder by Trasman.

The simple elegance of the Biblio Bunk Bed, plus safe construction and ample easy-to-reach storage will keep both parents and kids happy. A pull-out trundle bed on wheels is included – fantastic for additional storage or sleepovers.

The stylish Stim Bunk Bed offers plenty of innovative selling features. The beds are off set as opposed to falling directly in line – one above the other. This space-saving solution comes with a built-in wardrobe and heaps of alternative storage space, ensuring your child’s room stays organised and clutter-free.

Unveiling our Top 15 Black Friday Picks
Stim Train Bunk Bed – Dark Grey/Jackson Oak by Parisot
WAS R15,500.00 NOW R12,400.00 SAVE 20%

The modern, customisable Shelter Bunk Bed has a smooth, sleek look that won’t go out of style. Each level has its own storage unit with 3 handy compartments. The back panels for each shelving unit are double-sided and finished in white and oak. They are reversible so during assembly you can choose the look you’d prefer for each level.  

The reversible, Ryder Bunk Bed combines two roomy, adult-sized sleeping spaces plus a handy pull-out trundle bed on castors, for use as a third additional bed. Little ones from 3 years old can safely sleep on the lower bed. There is also an integrated one-door, spacious wardrobe. The Black Friday offer is available on the cascina and white combo only.

2. Mid Sleeper Beds

The Tobo Mid Sleeper Bed by Parisot is a perfect blend of functionality and fun! Crafted with safety in mind and designed for adventure, this mid sleeper featuring a slide, is a ticket to an exciting sleep and play experience.

The gorgeous York Mid Sleeper Bed by Trasman is an all-in-one furniture piece that really helps to make the most of space in children’s bedrooms. It features a pull out desk, a chest of drawers, a cupboard, ample shelving space and a small wardrobe with a hanging rail. And what will probably please you the most, is that it can also be assembled in a mirror design, i.e. the desk and the ladder can be set up at the most convenient end of the bed. The Black Friday offer is available on the cascina and pink combo only.

Unveiling our Top 15 Black Friday Picks
York Mid Sleeper Bed (Bo8) – Cascina/Pink by Trasman
WAS R18,000.00 NOW R15,300.00 SAVE 15%

3. High Sleeper Beds

Create the ultimate gaming haven for your child with the Online or Legend High Sleeper Bed by Parisot. The perfect choice for offline calm and online adventures, these innovative gaming high sleeper beds boast plenty of unique features that will allow an avid gamer to enjoy an immersive and space-saving experience in one super cool, compact, modern design.

The Higher High Sleeper Bed by Parisot is the ultimate space-saving solution for modern living. It’s a versatile, good-looking, and practical furniture piece that combines sleeping, working, and storage in one efficient package. 

Unveiling our Top 15 Black Friday Picks
Higher High Sleeper Bed – Petterson Pine by Parisot
WAS R18,000.00 NOW R14,400.00 SAVE 20%

4. Junior High Sleeper Bed

Elevate the fun without going too high! The Tom High Sleeper Bed by Parisot caters to the needs of growing children. It stands at a comfortable 146cm high, offering the excitement of a high sleeper experience while ensuring a safe and accessible option for younger kids.

Unveiling our Top 15 Black Friday Picks
Tom Junior High Sleeper Bed – Jackson Oak/White by Parisot
WAS R14,000.00 NOW R11,200.00 SAVE 20%

5. Double Bed

The standout feature of this Japandi-inspired Escale Double Bed by Parisot is its headboard, which is ingeniously designed with a top surface and removable shelves. They can be effortlessly detached a repositioned, allowing you to personalise your bedside setup according to your preferences. A pair of 51cm deep drawers with discreet hand grips, provide additional handy storage space underneath the bed.

Unveiling our Top 15 Black Friday Picks
Escale Bed, Double – White/Japanese Oak by Parisot
WAS R10,550.00 NOW R9,495.00 SAVE 10%

6. Dressing Table

Make getting ready a delightful experience with the Volage Dressing Table by Parisot. It features 3 mirrors (including a central mirror illuminated by the included LED kit), a mobile or tablet support for watching or recording beauty tutorials, several shelves and 5 drawers (3 with dividing compartments) that swivel at 135 degrees.

Unveiling our Top 15 Black Friday Picks
Volage Dressing Table – White by Parisot
WAS R5,850.00 NOW R4,680.00 SAVE 20%

7. Headboard

The Scandinavian-inspired Stamp Headboard by Parisot is designed to fit a 140 or 160cm wide bed base. It has multiple storage compartments including 3 shelves on each side of the bed with a depth of 18 and 33cm, as well two bedside tables with one 29cm drawer each for keeping all sorts of bits and bobs neatly out of sight. The upper surface also provides further display space.

8. Bookcases

Encourage a love of reading with the functional, elegant Amori Bookcase by Vipack. This spacious bookcase that’s capable of storing all your child’s favourite books will make a wonderful, timeless addition to any bedroom. The facade features soft undulating details and a pretty heart cut-out.

Unveiling our Top 15 Black Friday Picks
Amori Bookcase – White by Vipack
WAS R12,850.00 NOW R10,280.00 SAVE 20%

The aesthetics of the Legend Gaming Bookcase by Parisot are in keeping with the gaming universe. It looks just like a showcase thanks to its 3 glass shelves equipped with remote controlled white LEDs for adjusting lighting intensity. It also features a handy spacious cupboard behind 2 doors for storing gaming equipment safely and free from dust.

Unveiling our Top 15 Black Friday Picks
Legend Bookcase – Dark Grey/Black Stipple by Parisot
WAS R3,850.00 NOW R2,695.00 SAVE 30%

9. Desk

Foster creativity and focus with the Minister Desk with Hutch by Parisot. Understated elegance and ample storage capacity means that this is a desk that’s bound to impress!

Unveiling our Top 15 Black Friday Picks
Minister Desk with Hutch – Artisan Oak by Parisot
WAS R6,500.00 NOW R5,200.00 SAVE 20%

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your child’s world and create truly special and memorable moments this holiday season with these fantastic top 15 Black Friday deals.

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