Trasman: 30 Years of Global Excellence in Kids’ Furniture

At Nest, we take immense pride in our exclusive partnership with Trasman, a highly reputable manufacturer based in Barcelona, Spain. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to quality, Trasman emphasises both design and functionality as paramount in all their products. Utilising an automatic production process with cutting-edge German technology, each piece is meticulously crafted in Barcelona, reflecting a long tradition of furniture making dating back to 1977.

Trasman: 30 Years of Global Excellence in Kids' Furniture

Trasman’s journey began with a humble chicken farm, later transforming into a carpentry workshop for kitchen cabinets. After the Barcelona Olympic Games and the ensuing construction boom, the workshop evolved into a small factory, even producing the iconic Billy Bookcase for IKEA. In 2000, Trasman was established to create modern furniture, and by 2008, it accounted for 4% of all wall storage units made in Spain. Specializing in functional products, Trasman gained popularity for kids’ furniture from 2011 onwards.

The materials used are scratch-resistant, moisture-repellent, wipe-clean, and antibacterial.

Trasman: 30 Years of Global Excellence in Kids' Furniture

Trasman boasts a team of in-house designers, dedicating themselves to ensuring functionality is at the core of all product design. This commitment extends to continuous product development and refinement, where Trasman invests a great deal of time and dedication. They actively listen to their clients for feedback to help meet specific market needs and solve user problems. Items are rigorously tested and certified, and the wood is sourced from sustainable forests with FSC certification. All parts come from recycled and recyclable materials, demonstrating Trasman’s commitment to environmental responsibility and CO2 emissions reduction. Notably, Trasman products exclude single-use plastic, showcasing their dedication to sustainable practices, even substituting EPS protective packaging with eco-friendly alternatives.

Trasman: 30 Years of Global Excellence in Kids' Furniture

With a global presence, Trasman has been supplying furniture to over 32 countries for 30 years.

Available exclusively at Nest in South Africa, this collection represents Trasman’s distinctive blend of style, durability, and conscientious manufacturing for your child’s space.

Trust Nest to deliver an unparalleled experience, ensuring these exceptional products crafted with German technological precision, remain a unique find in the region. The versatile product range includes single and double beds, bunks, mid and high sleeper beds, vanities, and various bedroom storage solutions to perfectly suit the needs of kids and teens.

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