Top Tips To Spring Cleaning With Kids

by Marcia Margolius, editor of SA Decor and Design.

Cleaning and children do not always go together. In fact, the two concepts may seem contradictory, so here is some useful input and advice on how to get your little ones involved in Spring Cleaning your home.

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Get the kids involved at all ages!

Do a clean up with the kids – especially if they are younger. It makes sense to get them involved with simple activities that are age appropriate. For little ones, teach them to pack away their toys, throw their dirty clothes in the laundry hamper, and pack away their shoes. These are the basics of keeping things clean and organised, but will set them up with a solid foundation for life!

Decisions, decisions…
Involve your children in the decision-making process – this is a great way to instil a sense of pride in what they have and will hopefully help them feel responsible for their area and their own personal belongings. Let them help you select the right storage selections for their needs. Nest Designs have an amazing range of quality storage solutions ideal for little ones! We particularly love the Step Stool with Storage – this nifty piece keeps everything within easy reach – whether it’s the washbasin or a book, make sure your child can reach everything safely!


Start by getting rid of clothes, toys and books that have seen better days, or that they have outgrown. Label up three cartons: Rubbish, Donate, and Keep and fill the appropriate boxes with the correct goods – those you plan to keep, throw away or donate to charity! At Nest Designs you will find versatile multi-bin units that are great for sorting and organising all your child’s goods.

Get a system going

Carefully wash all your children’s soft toys and any items that may need a good clean. Next, create an easy storage system for your child’s toys – one that is simple for them to use. Be sure to find a place for everything, especially those small items that can quickly clutter a room. Nest Designs produces a functional yet stylish array of stacking boxes in different colours, that would work perfectly in a children’s bedroom or play room.

Deep clean

If time permits, do a thorough top to bottom clean of the entire room. Get a soapy cleaning solution ready and let your little one assist as you scrub down any marks on walls or furniture. Dust bookshelves and light fittings and any nooks where dust may have gathered over the winter. Nest Designs have some great bookshelves on offer including a Gallery Wall shelf. This is a clever alternative to standard bookshelves, the main benefit being that you can see the front of the book – which for children who can’t read is essential for picking out their favourite! It’s also useful because most books for this age group are an awkward size and don’t fit on standard shelves.


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