5 Top Tips For Sleepover Time


Here are our 5 top tips to help your sleepovers go like clockwork.

  1. Plan Ahead

Perhaps arrange an activity during the day before the sleepover. This will make sure your little guests are nice and tired before bedtime.

  1. The Guided Tour

Any new visitors may not know where the toilet is. You certainly don’t want any 3am wanderers waking everyone else up.

  1. Have a Plan “B”

In most cases your little guests will all keep each other amused, however there is always the chance that they might get bored, so make sure you have a couple of DVD’s at the ready.

  1. Homesick Patients

There is always the possibility that one of your guests will feel a little homesick in the night. Make sure you have all the parents phone numbers available just in case!

  1. Set the Bedtime

This is a must. All little ones love an extra 10 minutes before having to go to sleep. Make sure that you set the ground rules on bedtime as soon as you can. If not, you might have to prepare yourself for a long night!

Above all, the most important thing, once all the hullabaloo of the day’s activities and the “late night” snacks and giggles have ended, your little guests will want a comfy place to rest their heads…and that’s where we come in!

Our range of beds with underbed trundles, sofa beds and ready beds are just what they’ll need for a comfortable stay!