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The Making Of…Clay Traffic!

Our fabulous bedding supplier SNURK, cherishes a love of handcraft themes in their much-loved photo prints. Crafting their styles by hand allows their designers to create unexpected textures, influence colour palettes and have the chance to play around with optical illusions – often with the help of freelance artists. It is a long creative process from idea to photo print, with many hours of handcraft in between.


Snurk’s designer Peggy finds her inspiration for new prints everywhere. Clay Traffic was inspired by a toy rug that she came across whilst shopping online on eBay.


The next step is a sketch of the print. Cars made from clay and also the road, or ‘snake sausages’, as Peggy like to call them.


The Clay Traffic print was a collaboration with artist Georgina Vieane. Georgina makes beautiful ceramics, plus she also does graphic and advertising work…and for SNURK, it was cars made of clay!


Snurk bought a lot of Play-Doh, in all colours of the rainbow …

IMG_1740 (1)

Next, it was time to start claying!

The result was impressive! A selection of coloured cars, trees, traffic signs, traffic lights and roads


All the clay sculptures were photographed individually by Snurk’s image editor Theo. He then brought them altogether in Photoshop to form a colourful traffic scene.IMG_8573

The first digital sketches were made by Theo. Peggy and Theo then took a good look at it altogether. The final files were then sent to Portugal.

Snurk’s stylist Kim then created this beautiful bedroom around the design and photographer Tim shot the images.ClayTraffic_1Z0A1132_CMYK

And here you have it, SNURK’s Clay Traffic Duvet Cover – for hours of playing and sleeping.

Exclusive to Nest in South Africa.

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