Tackle Toy Storage

Contain the clutter with our ingenious range of UNO S Modular Storage by Stompa.

When it comes to tidying up, we don’t mess around.

Stack up your own, ideal storage solution with this supremely versatile, mix and match, modular system by Stompa. Just choose your preferred base, then stack up to two, further units on top; alternatively opt for one of our pre-combined, Storage Sets!

And the good news is…for a limited time only we’re offering 20% off this range, so make the most of it! With UNO S you’ll have a special home to store absolutely everything!


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Top 6 Storage Tips

Why not follow a few of our top tips below to ensure that you make the most of your space?

1) Invest in double-duty furniture. Whenever possible, invest in furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes such as beds with built in storage.

2) Look for longevity. Child-sized furniture has obvious limitations so rather opt for adult-size storage furniture that your kids can grow into. Larger pieces also have the added advantage of using more vertical space.

3) Flexibility is key. The pieces you choose should be versatile and able to adapt to your needs, not the other way around. For example adjustable shelving is a plus.

4) Within easy reach. Sort and organise toys and books into a more manageable system and put frequently used items on the lower shelves.

5) Customise! Where possible personalise your units by adding doors or storage containers to suit the needs and colour scheme of your child’s room. Use them too for extra neatness. Stick to coordinated colours to eliminate visual noise in the room. This approach will instantly make it look more organised.

6) Put your walls to work. Hang shelves and hooks so vertical space can work for you. Walls definitely don’t have to be boring! With all the shelving choices available nowadays you can transform a bare wall into a stunning room feature.

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