Smooth Transition: Kids’ Furniture Roundup for the Big Kid Room

Transitioning your child from a toddler room to a big kid room can be an exciting yet challenging experience. To make this transformation smooth and enjoyable for both you and your child, careful consideration of furniture choices is crucial. Here’s a roundup of some of our best kids’ furniture recommendations, ensuring a stylish and functional space that your child won’t outgrow. Explore this month’s top picks! Let’s get shopping!

1. Bed Frame:

Start the transformation with a bed frame that sets the tone for the entire room. Choose a design-forward piece that can grow with your child. Opt for classic lines or a contemporary, modern look based on the desired feel. A high-quality bed frame ensures longevity and value. Consider going straight for a double bed to skip the transition from a little kid bed.

Our Nordic inspired children’s Superior Classic Day Bed by Little Folks Furniture, is crafted from a solid Beech hardwood frame – no soft, knotty, painted pine in sight! This bed is therefore undeniably strong and durable and guaranteed to provide many years of confident service. The beechwood substrate also provides a good foundation for a lovely paint finish – so there aren’t the problems of “knot bleeding” and discolouration that you can sometimes get over time with painted pine. This bed is perfect for a modern or traditional bedroom, and with gentle slatted detailing on the ends, the timeless design will seamlessly tie in to any interior scheme. The high rail at the back of the bed allows it to easily be set up as a sofa or day bed in the day with scatter cushions, or as a single bed for night time. If extra space is required, you also have the option to add a space saving Underbed Trundle. Also available in Dove Grey.

Organise your kid’s sleep and storage space according to their needs! Clever and innovative the Snoop bedroom consists of a simple yet stylishly modern, single bed with a headboard and two large underbed storage drawers. You also have the option of designing you own storage by adding/combining 1 to 3 modular storage units, which can be positioned at the head of the bed and around the side of the bed to create an L-shaped bank of handy, easy-to-reach storage, depending on your requirements. The sturdily constructed, modular unit is equipped with shelving and cupboard space with sliding doors so that toys, games, books and more can be neatly tucked away. The Snoop range has a simple, understated design that makes it ideal for a wide range of different décor themes and also a particularly good choice for gender neutral and gender specific bedrooms alike. The sleeping area of 90 x 200cm can be adapted to 90 x 190cm.

Crafted from high quality materials, the Escale Double Bed showcases clean lines, natural textures, and a timeless aesthetic that will elevate any modern bedroom. The standout feature of this bed is its headboard, which is ingeniously designed with a top surface and removable shelves. They can be effortlessly detached and repositioned, allowing you to personalise your bedside setup according to your preferences. Whether you choose to use them as bedside tables, floating shelves or simply remove them altogether, the decision is yours. This innovative feature ensures that the bed adapts to your changing needs and offers a practical solution for smaller spaces.

The Aalborg Nordic-inspired double bed has an unfussy, precise feel that is also incredibly versatile. Strong, straight lines for the mattress base compliment a beautiful 84cm high headboard whilst the tapered, wooden legs add a minimalist touch. A natural Japanese Oak and White finish will help create a calming environment in your bedroom.

2. Nightstand:

Select nightstands that provide ample storage space for your child’s bedtime essentials, books, and a lamp for nighttime reading. The nightstand should complement the bed frame’s style and enhance the functionality of the room. This addition not only serves a practical purpose but also adds to the overall aesthetics of the space.

The Margaux Nightstand has a timeless, elegant feel suitable for a wide range of décor. There are two handy drawers, equipped with a roller runner system for storage plus a convenient, open cubby. Patinated metal drawer knobs complete the look.

Add a touch of urban cool to their room with the Bronx metal bedside table!

This easy-to-assemble, 56cm high Aalborg bedside table features a useful storage drawer and an open shelf section. Strong, straight lines on the drawer front, as well as sleek, wooden tapered legs add to its playful and contemporary look and honour Nordic design principles.

A truly versatile unit with lockable wheels and 3 individual storage drawers, each one smoothly opening for ease of use.

3. Chest of Drawers:

Choose a chest of drawers that aligns with the bed frame and nightstands in style but doesn’t necessarily match perfectly. Opt for a dresser with ample space for clothing and accessories, ensuring practicality alongside visual appeal. This cohesive yet eclectic approach to furniture selection adds character to the room while maintaining functionality.

The Shelter Chest of Drawers provides you with plenty of storage space. It features two easy-access open compartments for everyday items plus 2 spacious drawers to enable you to store most of your child’s clothes, toys and other items that tend to end up scattered all over the bedroom! The drawers are equipped with a roller runner system.

The Margaux 4 Drawer Chest has a soothing and refined aesthetic with timeless appeal that makes it suitable for a wide range of décor. Delicate patinated, metal handles add the perfect finishing touch. There are 4 wide and spacious drawers, equipped with a roller runner system.

The Manchester Chest of Drawers is an understated yet stylish, clean-cut storage solution featuring 3 wide and spacious drawers to organise your teen’s clothes. High contrast Black and Helvezia Oak effect foil, a metal label holder on the top drawer and three aged finish ABS handles all add to the cool, minimalist, industrial feel.

The Aalborg 3 Drawer Chest boasts strong, straight lines on the drawer fronts, as well as sleek, wooden tapered legs, that honour Nordic design principles. The spacious, 40cm deep drawers are equipped with a roller runner system.

Bonus Tip: Involve Your Child in Decision-Making:

Allow your child to have a say in certain design aspects. When selecting bedding, offer them two choices and let them make the final decision. This involvement not only fosters a sense of ownership but also ensures that the room reflects their personality and preferences.

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By carefully curating a selection of versatile, quality furniture, you can create a big kid room that seamlessly accommodates your child’s growth and changing tastes. The key is to balance style, functionality, and the potential for long-term use, making the transition an enjoyable and memorable experience for your family.