Raise Siblings Who Love Each Other…

Family is for life, so here are a few little reads that might assist in making sure your children’s bond with one another is happy, loving and strong! Thanks Verushka! Verushka is our Children’s Book Expert from “The Book Lounge” – an independent bookshop in the Eastern Precinct of Cape Town City Centre.

You're all my favouritesTitle: You are All my Favourites

Author:  Sam McBratney

Publisher: Walker Books

Price: R105 (paperback)

Summary: With the arrival of the third bear in the family, insecurities start to arise. They don’t all look the same, they are not all the same size and could it be that Mama and Papa Bear loves them differently? Through gentle assurance the parents tell their children that they love them all equally, that they are all their favourites. With beautiful illustrations by Anita Jeram, this book is from the team who also brought you Guess How Much I Love You.

Dino BabyTitle: Dino-Baby

Author:  Mark Sperring

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Price: R125 (paperback)

Summary: Being a big sister is not always easy, especially if your new baby brother, is a dino-baby! So many new rules to learn, suddenly you have to share and can’t be as loud as you always were! However over time big sister grows to love her new brother and teaches him all the grown-up things she already knows. And of course we all know that dino-babies grow up to be ROARING dinosaurs! A fun look at the chaos a new baby can bring to a family. Sam Lloyd’s illustrations are whacky with lots of small details to laugh about.

What Brothers Do BestTitle: What Brothers Do Best

Author:  Laura Numeroff

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Price: R85 (board book)

Summary: The love in this book is definitely seen through the gorgeous illustrations of Lynn Munsinger. She sketches beautiful big brother scenarios with different animals (I think the pandas are my favourite), from playing together in the park to sharing a snack or building puzzles. This book is all about offering encouragement for older brothers – things to inspire and activities that will help build a bond between siblings. The only one that I cannot really see happening is the one where the two brothers clean their room together! That is parental wishful thinking at its best!