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Children’s rooms are often shared. Creating a separate space for each child provides not only privacy but also the opportunity to express their own individual style. Many creative and relatively inexpensive solutions exist to successfully divide a room. One of the easiest and most functional ways to divide a room without closing off the different areas completely is to use furniture or a modular room divider. A semi-permanent structure will allow the flexibility to respond to the changing needs of your children and if necessary, can eventually be moved to open up the room again.


Our interlocking system of modular storage units has alternative cork and blackboard backing panels, enabling you to use both the front and back of the units at the same time. By utilizing vertical space it is also functional, serving as the room’s main storage system, concealing toys that would otherwise create clutter. Configured in whatever order you like, this versatile system will help you create a stylish space for two.

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Up to 50% off our most trusted, exclusive, high quality brands.