Shades Of Grey

Looking for the perfect modern neutral for your child’s room?

In varying shades, whether light grey, medium grey or dark charcoal,  grey is just as versatile as any other colour.

Find it on walls, in the weave of natural fabrics, on accessories and beautifully painted furniture.

Don’t think of it as a cold colour or too sophisticated for children. Rather it is smart and incredibly versatile.


Light grey walls in a playroom can be a wonderful compliment to a brighter more vibrant palette of red or yellow. Add a bright red chair to act as a statement piece against a backdrop of grey, and you’ll see, it won’t take over the room!

More striking colours such as orange, fuchsia and lime will lend a more modern look to neutrals like grey. Inject some colour and playfulness into your kids’ playroom interior with colourful bean chairs, a patterned rug, fun toys, framed artwork and other inspiring accessories.


Soft grey walls are also the perfect neutral shade for a child’s bedroom or nursery. Pale grey furniture will add a certain softness and calm. Add gentle warmth and colour by using layers of delicate pinks in cosy bedding and clever accessories that will all help personalise the space without going overboard.

Take a look at this soft pink and grey inspiration and learn how to get the look you need to finish off your space?


Create the Look 

shades of grey


1) Chevron & Roundel Single Duvet Set, Pink

2) Madeline Chandelier

3) Frooti Chair, Grey

4) Fabric Message Board, Pink

5) Frooti Desk, Grey

6) Lidded Storage Box, Pink

7) Fabric Storage Tote, Fairy

8)Anywhich Way Wall Shelf, Grey

9) Frooti Cabin Bed, Grey

10) Ditzy Rose Beanbag

11) Large Chevron Rug, Pink