School Is Cool!

Verushka, our Children’s Book Expert from “The Book Lounge” – an independent bookshop in the Eastern Precinct of Cape Town City Centre, shares her selection of stories about going back to school. Thanks Verushka!

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I am too Absolutely Small for School by Lauren Child (paperback at R110)
Everyone’s favourite brother and sister team, Charlie and Lola run into trouble when Lola doesn’t want to go to school. Charlie, with his big brother wisdom, explains to Lola that going to school will help her count cookies for elephants and read the secret notes on the fridge. Lola realises that her invisible friend, Soren Lorensen is also feeling shy and nervous about school, so she decides to fit it into her busy schedule, to help him get through his first day at school. This was one of the first Charlie and Lola books ever, and an absolute must-read.

Curious George’s First Day of School by H.A. Rey (paperback at R60)
Curious George really is the monkey we all love best! When George is asked to be a helper at school, the Man with the Yellow Hat takes him along. Once there, George promises to only help out. All goes well until it is time to paint. George decides to take it upon himself to make more colours than needed and eventually just makes a complete mess. He tries to clean it up and at first makes it all much worse, before he makes it better. In the end you can’t remain angry at this sweet monkey and George is told he can come back any time. These stories are classic and great fun for little ones.

Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton (paperback at R90)
Splat is really anxious to go to school. In fact he is so scared that he thinks up many reasons why he can’t go! Splat’s Mum however is very supportive and walks along with him to school. There Mrs Wimplydimple teaches them all the things that cats need to know. She covers lots of topics such as self-esteem and nature. Did you know cats are amazing? And did you know that cats chase mice? This of course is a problem as Splat’s best friend, Seymour, who has accompanied him to school in his lunchbox (Spoiler Alert!), is a mouse! Oh dear, who will chase whom and what will Mrs Wimplydimple say. A really funny story about a first day at school with great illustrations.