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Little Folks Furniture

Little Folks Furniture is a UK based manufacturer and the team behind some of the most popular and recognisable nursery and children’s furniture in the UK. With over 25 years experience in designing and producing high quality furniture for the UK & European markets this company prides themselves on the craftsmanship of producing solid and well made furniture to stand the rigors of growing children.


Please note that we are the exclusive distributors in South Africa of Little Folks Furniture. Should you be offered any item carrying the trade mark of this brand, or looking substantially similar to an item displayed here, it will be an unlawful imitation of the item of merchandise displayed under the name of this listed brand. Such an imitation, apart from constituting a trade mark and/or copyright infringement, will not have been subject to the rigorous testing and quality control of the products that we supply. It may constitute a danger to your child, as neither the materials used nor the construction of the product can be guaranteed fit for purpose.

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