Owalla In Elephants Never Forget by Linda (Lulu) Fellowes


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The remarkable story of Owalla, an elephant who went from an American circus to being matriarch of a herd in the African bushveld. Here she lived peacefully for 16 years until one day she came to blows with a hippo. Find out how her circus training saved her life!

With a love of the African bush, elephants are a firm favourite with Linda. On hearing this wonderful story from her editor, Lisa, Linda decided it was time to share this tale with children. After tracking down Owalla’s trainer and discovering he had opened a sanctuary for circus elephants in Botswana, Linda eventually put pen to paper. These family-loving, gentle giants with extraordinary intelligence should never be separated from their herd and family, and subjected to slavery or circus life.


Soft cover, 24 pages

Published: (August 2015)

Book Measures: 25 x 21cm

Age Range: 3 – 7 years


“It’s an enchanting tale of how the tricks a circus elephant learnt in America saved her life in the wilds of Africa. A delightful rhyming read for young and old.” Brian Joss, Books Editor, Cape Community Newspapers

“Trials, travels, adventure and a happy ending. Owalla’s story has it all. From New York City to the South African highveld she makes friends wherever she goes. A charming story that will teach children that all animals, no matter how wild they may seem, deserve attention and care.” Lesley Byram, Cape Times

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Seven unforgettable tales about love, understanding and conservation. Conservation of endangered species has never been more pressingIn these delightful tales with a strong message, children learn about precious creatures under threat and what makes them special. Each of us, no matter how small, can make a big difference. Join us for these wonderful adventures under African skies.

About the Author:

Linda Fellowes is a storyteller based in Cape Town, with a heart for animals and wanted to write books for a younger audience so that they could understand what was happening to animals. She has tackled the penguins that were hurt in the oil spill, sharks, a crazy baboon named Eric, and her latest offering is Ithemba (meaning hope) the Rhino, to tell about the plight of the rhinoceros that are currently being hunted so viciously in our country. She loves living by the sea. “I love writing books for this age group [between three and seven tears old] because you get to educate both the parent and the child in one go,” Fellowes said.  “Children are sponges at this age and it is wonderful to be able to instil in them a love of conservation and wildlife.”