Product Safety – A Day In The Life Of A Little Folks Bunk Bed

Our high quality kids furniture is tested to meet stringent safety standards.

We understand the importance of giving children an inspirational and fun space in which to sleep and grow up – but it should also be safe and comfortable.

Young children often use furniture as an adventure playground. Therefore, it must be safe for climbing, bouncing on and other game play.

Here at NEST we spend a lot of time finding the right people to supply our furniture. We insist on working with people who have a commitment to craft and quality, who trade in traditional skills as well as embrace the best of new technology. We need to ensure that we can have a very high level of assurance for every batch of product that leaves a factory, so that we can continue to build on our reputation of providing the best quality furniture for children in South Africa.

We believe that our suppliers know just about everything there is to know about material specifications, safety standards, testing criteria – all of which they use to design products that really perform.

It is one thing to design furniture specifically for children and to meet relevant safety standards, but how does one know that the design meets these exacting standards? Well, as in the case of our friends at Little Folks Furniture, you build some of the most sophisticated test equipment possible and regularly put product through its paces. In other words, they can measure how good a design is right down to its joints!

Bunk beds are recognised as a potential hazard to children, so it is essential that designers and manufacturers understand current regulations and standards. Watch how Little Folks Furniture “bish, bash, bosh” this bunk bed again and again, to make sure it really works!

A Day in the Life of a Little Folks Bunk Bed