Pretend Play

Pretend Play
They do imagination so much better than us, so why not help them enjoy it to the full while they can?

Pretend play can be any type of play using imagination. This play can occur when the child is playing by themselves, other children, or their parents and other adults.

Imaginative play is a vital component to the normal development of a child. Often children will use toys to introduce possible scenarios. Taking on different roles allows children the unique opportunity to learn social skills such as communication, problem solving and empathy.

It is no coincidence that traditional wooden toys have been around for generations and are still popular in creative play today.  Playtime has never been more magical and fun with the vast array of wooden toys currently available on the market. Almost any type of child’s toy can be made from wood, including building blocks, train sets, dollhouses, workbenches, buildings like garages, police and fire stations, musical instruments, puppet show theatres, construction sets, puzzles, pull-along toys and much, much more. There really is no comparison to the stimulation that wooden toys provide – from creating sounds coming from toys, making toys talk or pretending to be in a fictional situation such as cops and robbers, pirates or simply just playing house or shop.

There is no better toy investment you can make! Good quality brand wooden toys are built to last which means children can pass their favourite toys onto their children, creating heirlooms filled with family history.

So why not visit our new range of guaranteed child pleasers?

We are on a mission to find the ultimate in wooden toys and this is just the start! Our wooden toys are all great fun but designed to encourage positive and educational play too – which is just the way we like it here at NEST!

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