Planning The Perfect Kids’ Bathroom

Kids Bathroom

Of course layout is always going to be dependent on the size and shape of your bathroom and budget. Are you completely gutting the space or refreshing it cosmetically? Layout options are more limited when relying on existing plumbing, drains, ventilation, etc. Consider how many people will be using the space? This can dictate how many vanity basins you’ll need, how many drawers and cabinets for storage and whether or not you require a bath tub and shower. Think about function first and then plan a design that incorporates all the features that you will need. Organise functional areas around a central space. Think long-term and  design a bathroom that they can grow into. And remember safety and enough ventilation are also critical points to take into account.

Keep decor largely neutral. Sleek, clean lines do not have to be boring. Even a sophisticated design can be kid-friendly. Use paint to add colour and accessories to add interest and to create a more individual look. This approach is the safest way to stay flexible and to avoid another major bathroom overhaul a few years on. Use slip resistant finishes and tempered glass to ensure a safe space. Make sure that everything is placed at a level that makes it easy for them to reach without having to continually rely on adult assistance. A non-tipping step stool with non-slip feet will help little ones reach the basin more easily. To keep things tidy and clutter-free make sure that enough storage options have been provided. Baskets for spare towels, mesh bags for bath toys, a laundry bin, simple shelves and hooks – all will help organize your space and keep essentials and dirty clothes off the countertops and floors.

Step Stools

The bathroom is an important space. It is typically where a child’s day starts and ends, so one needs to make sure that it is a comfortable, kid-friendly place to be. Bath toys are a great way to keep younger kids entertained and will help make bath-time more fun.


Small touches like a rubber backed rug will provide a soft landing for little feet and will help take the chill off tiled floors on a winter’s evening. Large fuzzy towels to wrap them up in after a soak will also help to send them to bed in a more comforting way.

Happy decorating!