More Than Just A House for Barbie™

Christmas, birthdays, or just because – dollhouses are always a hit, and it’s easy to get just as excited about them as your kids do. Finding the perfect one, though, can be a bit overwhelming.

Dollhouses For Every Style

Our KidKraft dollhouses welcome dolls and toys of all sizes and brands, so everyone can play together, happily. Whether you’re searching for Barbie™, or any other doll up to 30cm tall, you’re sure to find more than you imagined with one of our KidKraft luxury wooden homes.

A classic town house, a regal princess castle or a magnificent modern mansion – the décor is artfully designed to match each personality.

Amazing Dollhouse Amenities

Any dollhouse can offer up furniture, but KidKraft go one step further with imagination when it comes to their creations. They certainly think outside the box by providing not only grand staircases, but also sliding elevators on many of their models. Garages give a place for doll cars to park. Rooftop patios, greenhouses and porches provide that outdoor ambiance all dolls crave. Lamps turn on, pianos play and other noises can be heard in many of the dollhouses.

Our Sparkle Mansion Dollhouse offers big fun for modern imaginations. This uniquely modern design is over 120 cm high with four floors, six rooms and two outdoor spaces; a balcony and an extended patio – complete with swimming pool. There is plenty for kids to explore. Features include a sliding lift that brings the dolls to the first floor and the attached garage, which is large enough for a Barbie car to park inside, has doors that can open and close. The included hand-painted 30 piece accessory pack consists of modern furniture and appliances that perfectly match any fashion dolls up to 30 cm tall. There is a lamp that lights up, a keyboard that plays music and a toilet with flushing sounds. How cool is that! 

More Than Just a House for Dolls

We know that when kids get their own dollhouse, they like to personalise it with their favourite dollhouse furniture and dolls. Now, they can take that customisation one step further! The brand new Enchanted Greenhouse Castle Dollhouse with Furniture by KidKraft comes with cling stickers for  giving each room that one-of-a-kind, individual touch.

Cling stickers for personalisation

Durability: Can It Take The Toddler Treatment?

To survive through the rough-and-tumble toddler stage and into the school years, the dollhouse you choose needs to be durable and made of high quality materials. Dollhouses made from plastic may be more prone to breaking well before your child reaches school age years. On the other side of the coin, that lovely antique or handmade dollhouse you inherited may be well-made but is likely too delicate to stand up to toddler play.

Generally, sturdy wooden dollhouse are the best bet to make it through these slightly destructive but completely adorable years of play.

Safety: Does It Have Small Pieces?

We’re all familiar with the warning labels, and we know kids under three shouldn’t play with toys that could pose a choking hazard. Obviously, the dollhouse itself isn’t a choking hazard but small pieces that come with it could be. Check the suggested age range on the dollhouse to make sure it’s considered appropriate for toddlers, or remove all accessories or detachable pieces that could be potential choking hazards. When in doubt, consider anything that your child could fit entirely in their mouth to be a choking hazard. Put it away and save it for when they’re older! Our KidKraft Dollhouses are suitable for ages 3 to 10 years. They are NOT suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Dollhouses are a great investment, offering a wealth of developmental play opportunities. Most importantly, they facilitate imaginative play that helps kids grow their social skills and make sense of the world.

No matter what KidKraft dollhouse you choose from Nest, you’re sure to find great designs and good quality that will last for years of make believe play.

KidKraft is exclusive to Nest in South Africa. You won’t find these products anywhere else.

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