M-Space Gaming High Sleeper Beds

Prepare yourself for the world of WOW!

These are the ultimate gaming beds for any young gaming enthusiast! Where were these when we were growing up? Lucky kids today, can now step into the future with these unique, exciting M-Space Beds from Trasman. They’re sure to guarantee lots of fun and make sure your cool kid is the talk of the town!

These ergonomically designed, souped-up high sleeper and sofa bed combos are arranged perfectly for gamers and certainly do have that all important WOW factor!

Their appearance is sleek and modern – just perfect for fitting in with a contemporary décor scheme in any trendy kid’s bedroom, but it’s clear that the designers also had functionality in mind as one of their key objectives.

With the ultimate gaming bed in their room, your gamer will never want to leave home!

So, what you can expect…

1) Sizes available

90 x 200 (single bed, extra length) option: 183.6cmH x 97.6cmW x 238cmL

mattress size required 90 x 200 (not included)

sofa bed measures: 20cmH x 91.9cmW x 201.7cmL

120 x 200 (double bed, extra length) option: 183.6cmH x 127cmW x 238cmL

mattress size required 120 x 200 (not included)

sofa bed measures: 20cmH x 121.9cmW x 201.7cmL

2) Ample storage capacity

  • storage aplenty all over these pods – 3 shelves and a hanging rail, so they’ll be able to organise their clothes and display those gaming essentials easily
  • metal headphones hook included

3) Ladder

  • shaped ladder has rounded edges and deep steps, making access to the top bunk sleeping area, safe and easy
  • effective nonslip adhesive for stairs is included – durable and quick to apply
  • ladder has a metal handle on both sides

And beneath the bed? Now that’s where the fun starts!

4) Sofa bed

  • compatible sofa can be converted into a pull out bed that faces the desk/TV area, so you can game (or study) in comfort all day long!

90 x 200 (single bed, extra length) option: dual colour, grey and shade sofa bed

120 x 200 (double bed, extra length) option: solid colour, light grey sofa bed

5) Desk

  • height adjustable desk and top shelf with cable outlet

– 90 x 200 (single bed, extra length) option: fits a TV up to 32″ or 1 computer monitor by adjusting the height (2 options)

– 120 x 200 (double bed, extra length) option: fits a TV up to 50″ or 2 computer monitors side by side by adjusting the 2 height options

  • console/s fits comfortably into the open compartments

And now for the real talking point!

6) LED lights

  • top shelf which includes a cable outlet includes a LED linear strip light that features different modes and 20 different colours – all controlled remotely to provide additional ambiance!
  • USB adapter not included

7) Material

  • long-lasting durability
  • made from tough, densely compacted particle board with a melamine resin cover (no paper foil is used)
  • the melamine has a hand-feel and appearance of solid wood and is moderately heat resistant, moist repellent and scratch resistant
  • material thickness 16mm up to 25mm for support panels
  • carbon fiber edge band 1mm
  • high quality metal hardware
  • does not require bed slats, base/mattress support is included
  • base board looks neater than the classic grate when viewing from the lower bed, it also gives the bed more stability and strength
  • vent caps are included for mattress base

8) Finishes

90 x 200 (single bed, extra length) option: Cascina, Shade and White

120 x 200 (double bed, extra length) option: Shade and Red

9) Assembly

  • reversible bed assembly
  • supplied as a kit with clear assembly instructions – set aside sufficient time
  • you will need two adults to build this bed
  • we do not recommend the use of power tools on any panels

10) Safety

  • conforms to EN747/2015 safety/quality standard for children’s furniture
  • recommended age for bed is 6yrs+
  • load capacity:

90 x 200 (single bed, extra length) option: 75kgs

120 x 200 (double bed, extra length) option: 90kgs

11) Warranty

  • 12 month manufacturer’s guarantee included

12) Country of Origin

  • designed and made in Barcelona, Spain  by Trasman

13) Lead-time

  • 6-8 weeks

14) Exclusivity

Please note that we are the exclusive distributors in South Africa of Trasman. Should you be offered any item carrying the trade mark of this brand, or looking substantially similar to an item displayed here, it will be an unlawful imitation of the item of merchandise displayed under the name of this listed brand.

Such an imitation, apart from constituting a trade mark and/or copyright infringement, will not have been subject to the rigorous testing and quality control of the products that we supply. It may constitute a danger to your child, as neither the materials used nor the construction of the product can be guaranteed fit for purpose.

And if the facts don’t speak for themselves, then jump start your imagination by taking a look at this!

Please note that the matching sofa bed is included with both our single and double options.