Live Smart

Say goodbye to compromising on space and hello to a smarter way of living.

Whether you’re a student looking to optimise your living space or simply seeking a clever storage solution for a small room, our innovative, double, extra length, Travel Storage Bed by Parisot is the perfect choice!

Designed with functionality in mind, this bed seamlessly combines a comfortable double bed with ample storage space underneath, making it perfect for maximising your living area.

The key feature of this storage bed is its flip-up bed base, which reveals a generous storage area underneath. You’ll be amazed by the possibilities that this space offers – you can even store your travel bags out of sight.

On one side of the bed, there’s a reinforced 22cm thick, 203cm long platform, providing easy, safe hop-up access to the sleeping area. Additionally, there is a is conveniently located, built-in bedside shelf measuring 20cm deep – perfect for keeping all night-time essentials within easy reach.

But that’s not all – underneath the thick platform, you’ll discover two spacious storage compartments, each measuring 31cm deep. These compartments are ideal for storing bulkier items or organising your belongings. A storage drawer equipped with a roller runner system has also been included to ensure nothing goes to waste in terms of space utilisation.

Moving further down, underneath the bed itself you’ll find four 30cm high storage compartments accessed Two of these compartments are a generous 45cm deep, offering ample room for larger items or seasonal clothing. Additionally there’s a second drawer cleverly integrated into the design, providing yet another practical storage solution.

To make the most of every inch, two 11cm high platforms have been included above the under-bed compartments. These platforms are ideal for storing shoe boxes, keeping your footwear organised and easily accessible.

The Travel Storage Bed is not only designed to maximise storage space but also to provide ease and safety in its operation. To make accessing the under-bed storage even more convenient, there is a thoughtfully designed hinged door. The door is strategically positioned to allow you to effortlessly swing it open and lift the bed frame up. Equipped with high-quality shock absorbers, the bed base is specifically engineered to make lifting it up and down a breeze. There is no need to crawl or reach awkwardly under the bed to retrieve your belongings.

In terms of aesthetics, the Travel Bed boasts a trendy artisan oak and black stipple finish. This contemporary combination will seamlessly complement any decor style, while the high-quality construction ensures durability and longevity.

Whether you are a student looking to optimise your living space or simply seeking a clever storage solution for a small room, go ahead and simplify your sleep and store needs with the convenience of a double bed combined with ample storage space that prioritises ease of use and efficiency plus looks great too!

Live smart with the double, extra length, Travel Storage Bed by Parisot

Special features include:

  • measures: 67cmH x 166cmW x 206cmL
  • please view technical specification for more detailed dimensions
  • weight: 132kgs (5 cartons)
  • bed base measures 140 x 200cm adaptable to 140 x 190cm
  • mattress NOT included: non standard size mattress required 15cmH x 200cmW x 140cmD (double extra length) or 15cmH x 190cmW x 140cmD (double standard length) – to suit your requirements
  • load capacity for bed is 200kg – strength and durability requirements are intended to represent use under normal conditions
  • slatted base with metal frame is included
  • made from tough, densely compacted E1 quality particle board with a thickness of 15 and 22mm
  • covered with artisan oak and black stipple foil
  • drawers are equipped with a ball-bearing runner system
  • wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth
  • supplied as a kit with clear assembly instructions – set aside sufficient time
  • for the most efficient assembly and to avoid any strain or difficulties, we recommend having two adults assemble the bed together
  • we do not recommend the use of power tools on any panels
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty included
  • conforms to the relevant quality/safety standards
  • designed and made in France

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