Kickstart Your Child’s Imagination With Our ‘Primrose Cottage’ Play Tent

It was love at first sight when we first saw this product last year and we knew instantly that we were going to include it in our range for Christmas.

Based on it’s performance, we know you feel the same attraction too and that’s why, due to popular demand our gorgeous Primrose Cottage Playtent is back in stock.

Playtent Primrose Cottage Playtent for Kids Outdoor and Indoor Pretend Play

All kids love the chance to play and make up their own stories. This delightful play tent is the ideal item to enable them to create their own little world. It’s easy to assemble consisting of a framework of lightweight metal poles that slot together. The cover slips easily over the top of the frame and is secured at the bottom with Velcro.

Primrose Cottage Playtent for KidsWhere were play tents like this when we were growing up? Seeing this product for the first time brought back fond memories of being a child and playing ‘house’ with my sister. We would play all day in our pretend cottage inviting our imaginary guests in for afternoon tea. How we would have loved the Primrose Cottage play tent back then with its cute embroidered flowers and lace-trimmed curtains hanging from the windows.

Playtent Primrose Cottage Playtent for Kids Outdoor and Indoor Pretend Play Fabric

Whether they play with it inside or outside, rain or shine, with a bit of imagination Primrose Cottage can become more than just a play tent.  String up some bunting, get them to make a cute sign and hey presto they could have their own little ‘tea shop’.  Children learn so much through play, so hopefully counting out pretend cups of tea will help with their maths and pretend pouring will help their coordination! Give them a few packets and tins from the grocery cupboard and transform the play tent into their very own ‘play shop’.  Even those budding ‘Great British Bake Off’ wannabe contestants can turn it into their own mini kitchen with a few play pots and pans – take pleasure in watching as they conjure up delicious pretend culinary delights!

Hopefully our play tent will stimulate their creativity and be the catalyst to many hours of fun!