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Junior Entertainer

Despite all the digital games available to children, you’ll find that old fashioned imaginative play is still best.  Puppets are a fantastic starting point and it really doesn’t take much to help kids put on their own puppet show. Our range of table top and floor standing puppet theatres offer the perfect place to stage a performance. Just choose the puppets and a script (of course, they can always make up their own story) and then add children as the puppet masters. By just giving kids the opportunity to become an active participant in their own entertainment, you’ll be amazed at what can happen!

Junior Entertainer




























1. Play Shop & Theatrehttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/play-shop-theatre/

This wooden play shop is ideal for sibling play or for when friends come over. However the entertainment value doesn’t stop there! You can also turn it around to use it as a theatre.

This product is exclusive to NEST in South Africa.

2. Tell-a-Tale Hand Puppets

Choose from:

Prince Tell-a-Tale Hand Puppethttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/prince-tell-a-tale-hand-puppet/

Princess Tell-a-Tale Hand Puppethttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/princess-tell-a-tale-hand-puppet/

Jester Tell-a-Tale Hand Puppethttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/jester-tell-a-tale-hand-puppet/

Wizard Tell-a-Tale Hand Puppethttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/wizard-tell-a-tale-hand-puppet/

Fairy Tell-a-Tale Hand Puppethttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/fairy-tell-a-tale-hand-puppet/

Pirate Tell-a-Tale Hand Puppethttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/pirate-tell-a-tale-hand-puppet/

3. Puppet Theatre & Shophttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/puppet-theatre-shop/

Two substantial toys in one – just a few swift turns of the wooden fixings will transform the shop into a theatre for puppet shows!

4. Hand and Finger Puppet Sets

Choose from:

Peter Pan Hand Puppet Sethttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/peter-pan-hand-puppet-set/

Alice in Wonderland Hand Puppet Sethttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/alice-in-wonderland-hand-puppet-set/

Nursery Rhymes Hand & Finger Puppet Sethttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/nursery-rhymes-hand-finger-puppet-set/

Red Riding Hood Hand Puppet Sethttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/red-ridinghood-hand-puppet-set/

Big Bad Wolf & 3 Little Pigs Tell-a-Tale Hand Puppethttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/big-bad-wolf-3-little-pigs-tell-a-tale-hand-puppet/

5. Finger Puppet Theatrehttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/finger-puppet-theatre/

6. Finger Puppet Box Sets

Choose from:

Peter Pan Finger Puppet Box Sethttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/peter-pan-finger-puppet-box-set/

Goldilocks Finger Puppet Box Sethttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/goldilocks-finger-puppet-box-set/

Cinderella Finger Puppet Box Sethttps://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-toys-gifts/cinderella-finger-puppet-box-set/

To shop our full range of Pretend Play Toys click here https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/products/toys-gifts/pretend-play/

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Up to 50% off our most trusted, exclusive, high quality brands.