Introducing the New and Improved Classic Bunk Bed by Stompa

At Nest, we’ve always believed in providing the best for your children, and that’s why we constantly strive to enhance our products. Our Classic Bunk Bed by Stompa has undergone a fantastic transformation, ensuring it remains a top choice for your family.

What’s New:

Extended Bed Rails: The original model featured 185.6cm long bed rails, limiting its compatibility with under-bed storage options. In response to your feedback, the designers have extended the bed rails to a more versatile 190cm, opening up a world of storage possibilities.

Enhanced Strength and Durability: We understand the importance of safety and durability. That’s why Stompa have increased the depth of the side rails to 14.5cm and replaced the two safety rails with a single 14.5cm deep safety rail, ensuring a sturdy and reliable structure.

Sleeker Design: The tongue-and-groove design has also been updated. The vertical central partition has been removed, creating a cleaner and more contemporary look for your child’s room.

Quality Materials: Our Classic Bunk Bed is still made from high quality solid Scandinavian pine from sustainable plantations, and it boasts a durable lacquer finish for long-lasting beauty.

Colour Variety: We are thrilled to introduce even more options for our customers. In addition to the timeless white finish, the New Classic Bunk Bed by Stompa is now available in a stylish grey finish. You have the freedom to choose the colour that best suits your child’s room, giving you more flexibility and personalisation in your decision. Make a statement in your child’s bedroom by selecting from our range of classic white or contemporary grey finishes.

Customisation: You can still choose to have the ladder on the left or right side, and the ladder steps are flat, safe, and easy to climb. Plus, the bunk can effortlessly convert into two single beds for added versatility.

New and Improved Classic Bunk Bed by Stompa
Versatility at it best!
The Classic Bunk bed converts into two separate single beds, giving you the flexibility you need.

Safety First: Our Classic Bunk Bed is rigorously tested to meet and exceed EN747-1 2012 + A1 2015 safety standards. Stompa go above and beyond to provide peace of mind for both you and your child.

Guaranteed Quality: To further assure you, Stompa offer a 2-year product guarantee in the rare event of faulty workmanship and/or materials.

Designed and Made in Poland: Our commitment to excellence extends across borders, with the Classic Bunk Bed designed and crafted in Poland.

Exclusive to Nest in South Africa: At Nest, we’re proud to partner with Stompa to bring you their exceptional range of Classic products in South Africa. This means that when you choose Stompa, you’re choosing exclusivity. The Stompa brand and their New Classic Bunk Bed can only be found at Nest, making your purchase truly unique and ensuring you won’t find Stompa products anywhere else in South Africa. It’s a testament to the quality and distinctiveness that Stompa and Nest offer to families seeking the very best for their children.

We at Nest value your trust and are dedicated to keeping up with the latest design trends while ensuring the utmost in quality, safety and practicality. We want to create rooms your children will remember forever, and the New Classic Bunk Bed by Stompa is proof of our dedication to providing the best for your family. Make the most our of your child’s childhood with a dream bunk by Stompa!

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