Introducing the Manchester Range: Stylish Study and Storage Furniture for Teens

When it comes to creating the perfect study and storage space for older kids and teens, you want something that’s both functional and stylish. That’s where our new Manchester range of furniture by Diagone comes in. With its high-contrast black and Helvezia oak finish, this collection offers a cool, minimalist industrial feel that’s perfect for modern teenagers. The oak effect adds a touch of warmth, ensuring that the space doesn’t feel dreary or drab. Let’s take a look at the key pieces in this exciting range:

1. Manchester Desks: Understated and Stylish

Pedestal Desk: This desk is both understated and stylish, with a design that’s perfect for a focused study environment. It features a pedestal with one drawer and one door, complete with a dividing shelf. This setup allows for organised storage of books, stationery, and other essentials, ensuring that your teen has a clutter-free workspace.

Corner Desk: The corner desk is a clever space-saving solution that’s ideal for smaller rooms. It provides ample workspace for your teen’s computer, textbooks, and more. Its design is not only functional but also adds a touch of contemporary flair to the room.

2. Storage Solutions: Keeping Everything Neat and Tidy

Display Unit: At 171cm high, 56cm wide, and 40cm deep, the display unit is an eye-catching piece. It combines functionality with style, offering 5 open shelves and one drawer for showcasing your teen’s favourite items or storing items they want kept out of sight. This versatile piece can be used to display trophies, photos, or to store books and other belongings.

Tall Boy Chest: With four spacious drawers, the tall boy chest provides plenty of storage space for clothes, linens, or any items your teen needs to keep organised. Its dimensions of 104cm high, 43cm wide, and 40cm deep make it a great addition to any bedroom.

3-Drawer Chest: Measuring 82cm in height, 81cm in width, and 40cm in depth, the 3-drawer chest offers convenient storage for a variety of items. Its versatile design allows it to function as a standalone piece or to complement the other Manchester range furniture.

6-Drawer Chest: For even more storage, the 6-drawer chest stands at 82cm in height, 124cm in width, and 40cm in depth. It provides ample room for clothes, accessories, or any other belongings, and its sleek designs fits seamlessly with the rest of the collection.

The Manchester range is not only about functionality and storage; it’s also about aesthetics. The high-contrast black and Helvezia oak finish brings an industrial edge to the room while keeping the atmosphere warm and inviting. This blend of minimalism and functionality makes it an excellent choice for older kids and teens who want a stylish, well-organised space.

Designed and Crafted in France by Diagone

The Manchester range is designed and made in France by the renowned experts at Diagone. Drawing inspiration from current trends in contemporary design, Diagone has crafted a collection that blends style, durability, and practicality seamlessly.

Contemporary and Stylish Design for Modern Living

The Manchester range is a testament to the contemporary design philosophy. It embraces the latest design trends, incorporating them into every piece to create a look that’s not only stylish but also enduring. This furniture range understands the needs of modern families and makes everyday life easier.

Exclusive Distribution in South Africa by Nest

If you’re in South Africa and you’re looking to furnish your teen’s study and storage space with the Manchester range, then look no further than Nest. As the exclusive distributor of Diagone products in South Africa, you won’t find these exceptional furniture pieces anywhere else. This exclusivity ensures that your teen’s space will stand out with a touch of European craftsmanship and design that’s unique to Nest.

Invest in the Manchester range and provide your teen with a space they’ll love and be proud of.

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