Introducing the Bolton Bunk Bed: A Space-Saving Marvel by Trasman

In the bustling world of children’s furniture, where innovation meets functionality, the Bolton Bunk Bed by Trasman emerges as a standout choice for savvy parents and style-conscious kids alike. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and available in a spectrum of captivating colours, this Barcelona-born creation redefines the concept of bunk beds, blending practicality with modern design elements seamlessly.

Ingenious Design, Unmatched Functionality

The Bolton Bunk Bed isn’t just a place to rest; it’s a versatile solution designed to maximize space and elevate comfort. Featuring an offset top bunk that enhances visibility from below and adds a touch of visual flair, this bed exudes contemporary charm. But what truly sets it apart are its integrated features:

Introducing the Bolton Bunk Bed: A Space-Saving Marvel by Trasman
Bolton Bunk Bed
Integrated storage plus assembly options (ladder and wardrobe on left or right)
  • Two-Door Wardrobe: Nestled at one end of the bed, a spacious wardrobe offers ample storage for two children, combining shelving and hanging space for efficient organization.
  • Underbed Drawers: Beneath the lower bunk lie two deep drawers, ideal for stowing away toys, clothes, or bedding, keeping the room clutter-free.
  • Shelving and Storage: Additional shelving above the lower bed provides easy access to books and toys, while a storage shelf at the foot of the top bunk adds convenience.
  • Versatile Configuration: The ladder and wardrobe are customizable, allowing you to position them on either side of the bed to suit your space and preferences.

Quality Construction, Lasting Appeal

Introducing the Bolton Bunk Bed: A Space-Saving Marvel by Trasman
Bolton Bunk Bed
Safety barrier and rounded edges

Crafted from tough, densely compacted particle board with a melamine resin cover, the Bolton Bunk Bed boasts durability and a premium finish. The melamine offers the look and feel of solid wood while being resistant to heat, moisture, and scratches, ensuring years of reliable use. With a focus on safety, the bed features rounded edges, a safety barrier around the top bunk, and conforms to EN747/2015 safety standards.

Introducing the Bolton Bunk Bed: A Space-Saving Marvel by Trasman
Bolton Bunk Bed
Available in Cascina with either Smoky Blue, Antique Pink, Bamboo or White

A Contemporary Addition to Any Room

Available in four chic colours – Cascina with Smoky Blue, Antique Pink, Bamboo or White – the Bolton Bunk Bed effortlessly complements any contemporary décor scheme. Its sleek design and functional features make it a practical choice for room sharing, sleepovers, and everyday use, catering to the needs of both children and parents.

Assembly and Guarantee

Introducing the Bolton Bunk Bed: A Space-Saving Marvel by Trasman
Bolton Bunk Bed

Supplied as a kit with clear assembly instructions, the Bolton Bunk Bed requires two adults for assembly. While power tools are not recommended, the straightforward construction process ensures hassle-free setup. Backed by a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee, you can rest assured of the bed’s quality and craftsmanship.

Experience the Trasman Difference

Trasman’s commitment to quality workmanship and innovative design shines through in the Bolton Bunk Bed. As a customer favourite, it exemplifies the brand’s reputation for excellence and attention to detail. Trasman brings sophistication and functionality to children’s rooms, making room arrangement a breeze for discerning families. The Trasman range, available in over 32 countries worldwide, is exclusively offered at Nest in South Africa, ensuring customers won’t find it anywhere else in the country.

In a world where form meets function, the Bolton Bunk Bed stands tall as a symbol of versatility, style, and quality. From its ingenious design to its thoughtful features, it embodies the essence of modern living for children. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to convenience with Trasman’s Bolton Bunk Bed – a dream come true for both kids and parents alike.

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Introducing the Bolton Bunk Bed: A Space-Saving Marvel by Trasman

Trasman is one of Spain’s leading furniture manufacturers. Trasman is most well known for their innovative, well designed, high quality, functional furniture for kids and teens. The range is produced at their factory in Barcelona, Spain using cutting edge German technology for precisely constructed, rigid furniture that is built to last.

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