How To Make Dreams Come True

Snurk has been making bedding for over a decade. Most famous and ever-popular is their kids’ collection! This inspiring range transforms a sleeping child into a life-size astronaut, princess, ballerina, equestrian or whatever your child dreams of being. The talented designers at Snurk put a lot of creativity and effort into making their prints as realistic as possible.

A Snurk-print is not just some random image downloaded from the web. It is a high-quality photograph of the real thing, created by the designers themselves. However, finding the real thing isn’t always easy! Where does one find a real Astronaut or Pirate suit? And how do you photograph a Mermaid or a Fairy, when we all know how shy they are?


When the idea for the Astronaut print was conceived, it was clear only a real space suit would do. The Dutch Space Expo Museum owns a white Apollo Moon Suit, and luckily for all those aspiring Astronauts out there, they agreed to lend it out. Fun fact: it’s Snurk owner Erik van Loo inside the space suit!

2014-04-25 18.39.25


The Ballerina duvet cover is a collaboration with The Dutch National Ballet. Not only did they lend Snurk a beautiful tutu costume, but also one of their professional ballerinas! How cool is that! to pose in it. When you realize that the Dutch National Ballet Company is ranked top 3 in the world, it makes this print all the more special. If ballet is your dream, then this is the bedding set for you.
Schermafbeelding 2018-08-07 om 15.40.13Mermaid and Fairy

When dreams are about fantasy figures, it takes a bit more creativity to get close to the real thing. For the Mermaid bedding set, this meant photographing a real fish tail and crafting a pearl and seashell-covered bustier by hand. The Fairy print is born out of research. It was Cicely Mary Barker’s flower fairies from 1923 that inspired the Snurk designers. They ended up creating a winged creature wearing real flowers for a dress.

Snurk 1

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