How To Create A Playful Retreat With Nest Designs

by Marcia Margolius, editor of SA Decor and Design.

Designing a room for a little person comes with its own unique set of challenges. Not only must your choice of layout and furniture suit the growing needs of a tiny human, but it should ideally also create an inspired playful space to unwind and enjoy the moments that come with growing up.

Nest Designs takes extra care in developing its range of furniture to meet the needs of children and parents. Here we share some top tips for creating a playful retreat the whole family will enjoy.


A Splash of Colour

A child’s bedroom or playroom is the ideal space to explore with colour. Here you can set your imagination free with beautiful prints, wallpapers, coloured fabrics and more to create a special place for your kids. Colour will infuse your child’s room with energy and give it that playful and quirky nature children will love.


Kids need ample lighting – for play, studying and even a night light for the evenings. Be sure to invest in quality lighting for your child’s spaces. Layered lighting often works best so shop around and invest in overhead lighting, as well as desk or side table lights and perhaps a few pendants or wall mounted lighting options near the bed. For a special dreamy ambiance, you could also install a string of fairy lights and add to the magical appeal of a child’s bedroom.


Clever Storage

Create the perfect playroom with an array of storage to keep the space adult and kid friendly. Nest Designs boast an exclusive range of playroom furniture for children. Whether it’s play tables or just clever storage systems to help keep things tidy, they’ve got all the essential pieces kids need for a fun space.

Hard-wearing Bedroom Furniture

When designing your child’s space, remember to invest in quality furniture that may get jumped on, cluttered with toys and more. You should invest in hard-wearing pieces, including a bed, side table, chest of drawers and more that your child will make full use of in their space. You can also transform their sleep space into a room that reflects their own individual personality and style.


A Place to Learn and Explore

Every child should have the freedom to learn and grow in their own homes. Create the ideal space for learning with the right furniture to meet their growing needs. School introduces children to a new sense of structure and responsibility and their bedrooms need to reflect this change. Add a desk and create a dedicated study station for projects and homework. A simple bookshelf will also give them easy access to books and more.


Play Around

Finally, when it comes to designing your little one’s room, have fun. Play around with colours and textures, furniture and more. Add beautiful bedding and drapes for a personalised touch. Nest Designs has bedtime covered with a wide selection of kids bedding designs. Their duvet sets and blankets feature a mix of colours and patterns and are made of only the finest fabrics, to guarantee comfort, durability and style.


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