Hello And Welcome To Our NEST Blog!

Here at NEST, we’re always coming across interesting information, facts and useful snippets to do with children that should strike a chord with our customers and help make parenting easier – we’re desperate to pass it all on, but we haven’t had any way of doing that – until now!

We’ll be blogging about new things whenever we have something exciting to share – which will probably be quite often bearing in mind the fast-paced environment we live and work in! We’ve also invited some expert contributors to join us. They will be posting regularly on our blog and sharing their insights too!

We have 2 recruits so far…

Verushka, our Children’s Book Expert from “The Book Lounge” – an independent bookshop in the Eastern Precinct of Cape Town City Centre, will bring us bi-monthly (or more if she has the time) recommendations of the best books to help children between the ages of 0-14, fall in love with reading.

Whilst Julie Gallagher, our Children’s Party Expert and owner of “In Good Company” – who specialise in small parties for life’s big events, will offer useful tips that might help parents plan and prepare exciting celebratory get-togethers and parties just for kids. Julie will also include decorating ideas for creating magical memories at Easter-time, Halloween and Christmas-time.

And that just for starters!

In the next few weeks, we will also be introducing our Children’s Food and Nutrition Expert, who will be bringing her recommendations and/or recipes for tasty and nutritious meals for children without parents having to spend hours in the kitchen. She will also be sharing her best party food ideas and cake decorating tasks. At NEST, we recognise that children also love to cook and that cooking is one of the most important life skills that a child can learn, so we are planning to include some features that encourage children to get involved too!

We do hope you find our blog useful, informative and occasionally funny!  Please feel free to comment on any entries! Of course, we’d love to hear from you!


Belinda and Vanessa