Go Gingham!

I have always loved gingham. It’s a classic, versatile pattern that never seems to go out of style. Gingham is a repeating pattern of three colours in four squares: white next to a medium shade, over the same medium shade next to a darker shade.

new ginghams

When it comes to decorating interiors, I think kids rooms rock the gingham look best! Gingham remains popular in kids decor because it blends nostalgia, practicality and casual good looks in a way that makes it fun to use.

Often known for its micro checks, it can also be scaled up into bigger, bolder and stronger prints to make mixing and matching much easier. It plays well with other patterns too. This classic checkerboard fabric goes well with solid colours, paisley patterns, plaids, florals and stripes.


It is a simple way to bring colour, texture and interest to a room dominated by white furniture. It is also perfect for breaking up large slabs of white space. Even the smallest amount of gingham appliquéd onto a duvet set with a plain white background, can make all the difference to a look.

dino duvet set 4

Although gingham is generally thought of as a traditional pattern executed in combinations of red and white and blue and white, it can also take on a more modern charm when it is done in more vibrant colours like hot pink or turquoise. Pair brighter colours with contemporary elements for a fresh look in a more fashionable setting or a make a statement with a striking black or grey gingham for a more sophisticated look.


How much gingham you choose to use is up to you! Why not check out our great selection of kids gingham decor accessories right here at NEST? Do you have any favourites? Share your thoughts – we’d love to hear from you.