Get A Dream Home For Barbie

by Marcia Margolius, editor of SA Decor and Design.

Now here’s a toy that they’ll never want to give away, even when they are all grown up!

Children are creative and can always find ways to use their imagination and pretend and play without any toys at all, but there is definitely something to be said about having a place that dolls can call “home.”

The beautiful wooden houses on offer from Nest Designs, offer luxury living by any doll’s standards. There is plenty for kids to explore and the best news is, they can accommodate fashion dolls up to 30 cm tall – which means a home for Barbie!™. (BARBIE is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc.).

An accessory pack of hand-painted furniture and appliances is also included. Sparkle Mansion even has a lamp that lights up, a keyboard that plays music plus a toilet with flushing sounds. There is also an attached garage, which is large enough for a Barbie car to park inside! How cool is that!

The Glendale Manor Dollhouse is cosy and modern, with three levels, four unique, beautifully-illustrated rooms and a tiered roof. It stands almost four feet tall and includes a 12-piece accessory kit so kids can enjoy creating their own stories.

Looking for extra extravagance? Well, the Sparkle Mansion and the Kaylee Dolls House are both fitted with a gliding elevator that can take dolls from one floor to the next.

All have finely detailed artwork which means kids will love exploring every brightly illustrated room. These Doll Houses are exclusive to NEST in South Africa.

Barbie Dolls Houses