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We are thrilled to announce that we have secured the exclusive distribution rights for Gami, Diagone and Galipette in South Africa. All are designed and manufactured in Chantonnay, Vendée, Western France in a dedicated factory.

As we go ahead and launch these innovative, well designed, high quality, functional furniture ranges for kids, teens and toddlers at Nest, we wanted to introduce Agnès Cousin, Export Sales Manager, Gami.

We decided to do a little Q& A with Agnès to give you some more insight into the fabulous Gami brand.

Agnès Cousin, Export Sales Manager, Gami

1) Agnès, can you give us some understanding of the beginnings of the Gami brand?

Gami is part a group specialized in furniture manufacturing that was founded in 1960 by our CEO’s uncle, a visionary. With the baby boom in full swing in France, he was already imagining the first children’s bedrooms in his carpentry workshop in Vendée. He went to present his first children’s bedroom model at a furniture fair in Paris and was able to take his first orders at that time. Then, with an ever-increasing demand, he decided to build the first factory for the industrial manufacture of children’s furniture and to distribute its range through the largest French distributors. Today, the company is still a family business.

2) How do you remember your own first steps into the world of furniture design and manufacturing?

When I arrived at Gami everything was new for me! I came from a totally different industrial environment, so naturally I have adapted to this exciting new world with a great deal of commitment and a desire to develop new international partnerships, particularly in Africa, which is the area that I am responsible for.

3) Gami has been widely recognised in over 40 countries worldwide. How has the brand’s vision of design evolved since it started?

We remain very attentive to the needs of our distributors who are in touch with our international clientele; the evolution of families and lifestyles in recent years has led us to imagine and offer clever, elegant and very functional products suitable for all sizes of children’s rooms.

4) How does Gami differentiate itself in the international market? What are the main features of design?

Gami is a very demanding brand with respect to the well being and safety of children. We have been certified PEFC (which promotes the traceability of wood and sustainable forestry management). We also have the particularity of manufacturing our own low formaldehyde content certified chipboards (half of the E1 requirement, a standard that imposes formaldehyde levels equal or less than 8 mg per 100 mg of material) and only uses hydro lacquer without solvent.

We are also proud to work with our own designers. Gami furniture draws its inspiration from European style. Today the brand wishes to go even further, developing new, trendier styles like urban or workshop style furniture. We wish to remain attentive to the multiple demands of our consumers throughout the world.

5) What do Gami customers demand the most and what do they appreciate about the products?

Families mostly appreciate our mezzanine beds and functional beds.

6) It is a known fact that French design is at the highest level, competing worldwide with much to offer. What does it mean to Gami for their range to now be available for sale in the South African market?

The family has always had the will to develop its network of distributors on the African continent.

So to now be present in South Africa, which is one of the most dynamic countries on the continent,  is a great satisfaction and a very great pride for us!

7) Why did you choose to partner with Nest Designs?

I am particularly proud to be able to launch this new partnership with Nest Designs, who will be our first web client on the continent!

From our first exchanges, I could feel the great professionalism and passion that drives Belinda and her team, always on the lookout for new products to offer her customers; and I am convinced that our offer will meet a wide audience!

8) 2020 has been a challenging year with many businesses feeling the impact of COVID-19. How did Gami react to changes?

With a family business culture like ours, we were able to adapt very quickly to this totally new situation… and we called on all our creativity, adaptability and responsiveness to move forward and find new ways of working… In our field of activity, it turns out that after the first confinement, families wished to review the equipment in their home… we therefore benefit!

9) Where do your designers get their inspiration from when designing your innovative collections and products?

As I said above, we have the chance to work with our own designers who are integrated into the company. They all come from different horizons so this is a great wealth for creativity. Each individual can therefore bring their own visions and their ideas which are then shared and discussed to find the best solutions adapted to the child’s universe.

10) How would you describe a Gami kid’s design?

Gami combines a traditional and contemporary style that is both reassuring and playful.

11) How long does it take to develop a Gami product?

The process and development time varies from one collection to another, but overall between the first exchanges with designers, marketing and sales staff and then the technical teams for industrial adaptation, bringing the future product into compliance with European standards, etc., it can take from 4 to 6 months.

Gami in South Africa
Larvik Bedroom by Gami

12) What is your favourite collection in the Gami kids range?

My favourite children’s collection is really the “ALIKA” girls’ bedroom which offers very marked aesthetic codes: the choice of effects on the fronts of the furniture, the addition of handles with white porcelain with an aged bronze insert and the feet in raw beech make it a very smart range for furnishing any young girl’s bedroom.

Gami in South Africa
Alika Bedroom by Gami

13) Do you have a best-loved Gami product in your own home? If so, can you tell us what it is?

Yes of course, as Gami also create adult bedrooms. I’ve opted for a very beautiful bedroom with soft finishes and contemporary design.

14) What are your 3 top tips for parents looking for beds for their kids?

To start thinking about the layout of their bedroom not in the short term, but in the medium term, so that the bedroom they choose accompanies the child’s development. Also choose a product that is solid, durable and high quality i.e. a product that meets safety standards for their children.

15) Lastly, a little bit of fun. Mid Sleeper Bed or High Sleeper Bed? Top bunk or bottom bunk?

Oh! All these functional beds are so marvellous. It is difficult to choose! All of these products are suitable for each family, their lifestyle and living space!

Thank you Agnès , for taking part in our interview, it was great chatting to you!

Life today is fast-paced. In this environment, things happen quickly and continuously. In 2021 not many people read anymore, so the fact that you have taken time to read this post, whether you are here for the first time or you are a regular, thank you!

To offer something worthwhile to read beyond a headline and to be able to give you real insight into the Gami brand from one of the faces behind the business and to also impart why we do what we do at Nest, means a great deal to us.

But having said that all of that, we believe that what we are presenting today is product that speaks for itself! At Nest we are always pushing to keep our look and high quality product range fresh, varied and evolving.   

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