Galipette Q & A

2021 saw Nest secure the exclusive distribution rights for Gami, Diagone and Galipette in South Africa. All brands are designed and manufactured in Chantonnay, Vendée, Western France in a dedicated factory.

Gami and Diagone were launched in 2021, and so far both brands have been extremely well received by customers in South Africa. 2022 sees us launch our new nursery furniture range and with that comes Galipette, the newest member of our brand family.

Nest is here to make sure you’re well and truly prepared for the arrival of your new baby with our stunning new range of transitional, great quality nursery furniture that offers cohesive style, safety and functionality.

As we welcome the Galipette brand and to give you some more insight into the collection, we thought we’d do a little Q&A with Marine Leroux, Product Manager for the Galipette brand.

Galipette Q & A
Marine Leroux, Product Manager, Galipette

1) Marine, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into design?

I have been working as Product Manager for the Galipette brand since 2018. Coming from an industry that was totally different, I am very happy to participate in the furnishing of baby rooms. I know that the choice of the room, is an important part of the preparation for the arrival of a baby. 

2) Tell us about the Galipette story?

Part of the Gautier group brand, Galipette aspires to provide the best possible environment for little ones aged 0 to 5 years. That means putting our furniture through a stringent design and production process that involves our regional Vendée know-how, trustworthy partners, and also includes the high-quality French timber from sustainably managed French plantations that we select for our panels… Because you can never have too many good fairies gathered around a cradle!

3) What work are you responsible for at Galipette?

I’m in charge of developing different collections of furniture for a baby’s room – from the bed to the changing table and more.

4) How do you approach product design at Galipette?

We try to seduce most people by mixing and using soft colours. We are convinced that the atmosphere of the room must be charming.

Apart from the obvious must-haves like beds, dressers and wardrobes, we also develop additional occasional furniture pieces like TIM. TIM is a fun, low-level storage unit that includes a chalkboard that your child can draw on.

5) What is the philosophy you live by or guidelines you follow when designing product for the Galipette range?

Galipette’s furniture needs to be practical, well-designed and sometimes fun too.

6) Where do you find inspiration for your work in product design?

We find inspiration by following the trends, Gautier group works closely with a design firm that follows fashion trends. And of course, we love going to events like Maison&Objet in Paris.

7) In the realm of baby/nursery furniture design, what areas of product design do you feel are often overlooked?

We are totally uncompromising on product safety, which for me is most important. Our quality service team test and validate each individual design to comply with legislation and to ensure high quality.

8) How does Galipette differentiate itself in the international market? What are the main features of design?

Conceived to offer little ones a safe and harmonious cocoon, Galipette bedrooms evolve during your baby’s early years thanks to modular furniture: adjustable beds with quality slatted bases, removable changing boards that fit onto chests, and wardrobes with reversible interior fittings, all designed to grow in tune with children. Galipette furniture is also built to last: tested at every stage of production, fully compliant with European standards, robust, and easy to assemble/dismantle. All for the well being of infants and toddlers, and the comfort of slightly more senior residents!

9) What are your 3 top tips for parents looking for nursery furniture for their new arrival?

  • Think ahead when purchasing furniture and consider longevity. Nursery furniture needs to be robust enough to last over time.
  • Choose modular or adaptable furniture pieces that will grow with your child as their needs change.
  • As you will be spending a great deal of time in your baby’s room, I believe it is also really important that you love the design and look of the furniture that you ultimately choose.

10) What is your favourite collection in the Galipette nursery range?

Céleste, just for the fun of the 3-in-1 cabin!

11) What do Galipette customers demand the most and what do they appreciate about the products?

Our customers love our modular furniture, especially our adjustable cots. Our clever cot beds evolve at the same time as your little one grows! At around 3 years of age, when your child becomes more independent and able to get in and out of bed without your help, you can then remove the rails and keep the same bed for several more years. These cots are really easy to convert!

12) What can we expect to see in terms of product design from Galipette in the future?

Probably more natural designs!

Thank you Marine, for taking part in our interview, it was great chatting to you!

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