Exclusively Yours in South Africa: Top 14 Kids’ Furniture Sale Picks!

At this remarkable juncture of our 14-year anniversary, we’ve picked 14 exceptional pieces from our sale that blend unbeatable value, captivating design, and top-tier safety to bring a touch of magic to your child’s space.

Enjoy a hassle-free process when you order. Receive your selected items directly to your doorstep, within just 3-5 working days, so that you can set up your child’s dream space without delay.

1. Scott Family Double Bunk Bed, Solid Wood – White by Vipack

The Scott “Family” Double Bunk Bed or Triple Sleeper Bunk is perfect for optimising space in smaller rooms, where space is needed for both sleep and play. You also have the option to add a handy clip-on table for the top bunk which can be positioned wherever you choose.  If extra space is required, you also have the option to add an Underbed Trundle – so you can sleep up to 4 people!

2. Skye High Sleeper Bed (Bo5) – White/Graphite by Trasman

Designed with kids’ busy lives in mind, the Skye High Sleeper Bed has space for sleeping, homework, and storing – all in a compact design.

3. York Mid Sleeper Bed (Bo8) – Cascina/Pink by Trasman

The York Mid Sleeper Bed is a gorgeous, all-in-one furniture piece that really helps to make the most of space in children’s bedrooms. Comes complete with a pull out desk, a chest of drawers, a cupboard, ample shelving space and a small wardrobe that features a hanging rail.

4. Bibop 3 Sleeper Bunk Bed – Light Acacia by Parisot

Designed with a smart, premium feel, the Bibop Bunk Bed offers little ones a comfortable climb to the top bed using the handy, integrated steps and safety hand rail. Essential, easy-to-reach storage space on each level is provided by a 3-compartment platform, featuring reversible backs for a choice of pink or taupe on both levels. There is also ample storage space underneath the integrated staircase which offers additional space for books, toys, games etc. The trundle drawer slides comfortably under the bottom bunk – fantastic for storage or sleepovers!

5. Walton Compact Bed with Pull-out Bed, Single – White/Graphite by Trasman

The Walton Compact Bed offers a full adult size, extra bed which you can pull out and position anywhere in your child’s room. This combination means both children can sleep comfortably, as opposed to one child sleeping close to the floor, on a pull-out trundle. This bed also includes 2 handy underbed storage drawers.

6. Shipley Compact Bed with Desk, Single – Cascina/White by Trasman

The single, extra length, Shipley Bed with an integrated desk is perfect for that room that needs to be used as both a study and a bedroom. At the foot of the bed there is a sleek, spacious desk that includes a large drawer on metal runners. This stylish looking set up is reversible, so the desk can be built on either the left or right hand side. Screens can be set up to face outwards or inwards, so you can study at the desk or relax on the bed in comfort, all day long!

7. Jazz Bed, Double – Oak by Trasman

The innovative and stylish, double-size, Jazz Bed is a perfect multi-purpose furniture piece! Underneath the bed are four deep drawers providing easy-to-access space on either side of the bed, to accommodate items you want to keep out of sight. The built-in bedside units on either side will also make a perfect place to pop their bedtime reads and can be easily tucked away when they are not in use. Above each movable unit there is also an additional open cubby located in the headboard.

8. Superior Classic Day Bed, Single – Dove Grey by Little Folks

Our Nordic inspired Superior Classic Day Bed, is crafted from a solid Beech hardwood frame (no soft, knotty painted pine in sight!). This bed is therefore undeniably strong and durable and guaranteed to provide many years of confident service.

9. Martin Family Bunk Bed, Double Extra Length – Grey by Vipack

The Martin” Family” Double Bunk Bed or Triple Sleeper Bunk is an ideal choice for maximizing space in compact rooms, accommodating both sleep and play needs. You can also consider adding a clip-on shelf or an underbed trundle, so you can sleep up to 4 people! 

10. Amori Bookcase – White by Vipack

The Amori Bookcase is a functional, elegant piece of furniture, capable of  storing all your child’s favourite books. Crafted from solid wood and high quality MDF in a lacquered white finish. Features 5 large shelves. The façade with its softly undulating details also incorporates a pretty heart cut-out.

11. Bolton Bunk Bed (Bo1) – Cascina/Pink by Trasman

Several innovative features make this reversible, modern, space-saving Bolton Bunk Bed a highly desirable option for youngsters and parents alike. The top bunk is offset from the base, providing the bottom with better visibility whilst adding visual interest and style. An integrated two-door, spacious wardrobe at one end acts as support for the top bed. The wardrobe depth runs the entire 85cm width of the actual bed, so it provides plenty of storage space for two children. The cupboard has a combination of shelving and hanging space. There is additional shelving above the lower bed for keeping books or toys close by. Underneath the lower bed are two deep drawers providing even more space to tidy away games, toys, clothes, shoes or bedding.

12. Bristol Desk with Hutch – Oak/Black by Diagone

The Bristol Desk with Hutch is an understated yet stylish, clean-cut, kneehole desk with ample storage space thanks to the handy hutch. Perfect for keeping everything organised and in its place as well as ensuring a tidy worktop. There is a left and right hand pedestal unit below the work surface. The left side has one door with a dividing shelf plus a drawer, and the right side features a large, spacious cupboard. The well thought out hutch features 2 closed storage compartments, one with a dividing shelf. There is a clever adjustable shelf in the middle, so equipment or screens can be positioned conveniently, depending on their size.

13. Stream Gaming Desk – Black by Diagone

The Stream Gaming Desk is packed with plenty of fabulous features making it particularly practical for gaming. There are 2 height adjustable shelves, so equipment can be positioned more easily. One large shelf provides space for 2 screens, depending on their size. Apertures on either side allow for better ventilation and easy access to technical components. There is also a modesty panel.  The shelving backs are open to easily allow cable management to and from media devices. There is also a hook for a headset. Included is 1 RGB LED lighting kit L. 150 cm, with remote control.

14. Albane Pivoting Desk – Natural Chestnut/White by Diagone

The Albane Desk is functional in size plus with its clean-lined design it is very easy to style in modern interiors. It features a clever pivoting storage unit. The swivelling compartment with its useful shelving is easy to open and close thanks to multi-directional castors. Designed to be installed in the corner of your room. It also provides a sleek work station for smaller rooms or tight spaces. Keep the storage compartment open during the day for easy access to work essentials and then close it at night to keep everything tidy and prevent your work area from looking overcrowded and cluttered.

Shop our Sale now to explore these favourites and more! Your child’s world is waiting to be enhanced by the beauty, safety and functionality of these handpicked gems that are exclusive to us in South Africa. Our SALE ends 26th September, so make sure to take advantage before these offers are gone!