Elevate Your Bedroom

Introducing the Bridge Double Bed and Headboard Storage Unit in two stylish finishes for modern sophistication and organisation. The perfect fusion of style and functionality!

Transform your bedroom into a haven of sophistication with the perfect duo – the Bridge Double Bed with Underbed Storage Drawers and the Bridge Headboard Storage Unit. This combination seamlessly blends contemporary style with clever storage solutions, revolutionising the way you experience and organise your personal space.

Bridge Double Bed: Versatile Elegance in Two Finishes

The Bridge Double Bed is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a statement that effortlessly adapts to various decor styles. Crafted by Parisot, one of France’s leading furniture manufacturers, this earth-friendly product is both attractive and smartly designed. Available in two finishes – Brooklyn oak and black stipple with an industrial loft style, or Brooklyn oak and shiny white with a contemporary natural vintage look – the bed becomes the centrepiece that ties your bedroom together in a style that resonates with your unique taste.

Bridge Headboard Storage Unit: Modern Marvel of Organisation

The Bridge Headboard Storage Unit, a complete and space-saving solution that complements the Bridge Double Bed seamlessly. This unit is not just a headboard; it’s a revolution in modern bedroom design. Its central ledge perfectly accommodates the headboard of the Bridge Double Bed, providing ideal display space for your collectibles and cherished photos.

Bridge Storage Headboard

Efficient Storage Solutions:

The Bridge Headboard Storage Unit boasts an efficient storage layout, featuring 6 shelves, 1 retractable hanging rail, 5 niches, and 2 retractable bedside tables behind its 5 doors. This ingenious design optimises space utilisation, creating a clutter-free and visually balanced space. The shallow depth ensures it doesn’t encroach on your sleeping area, offering both comfort and functionality.

Adjust the LED lighting to suit your mood

LED Illumination for Ambiance:

Enhancing the functionality of the unit are the LEDs with remote control. Illuminate your storage area with the touch of a button, adjusting the lighting to suit your mood for relaxation, reading, or preparing for the day ahead. The LEDs not only add sophistication but also create a captivating visual element that completes the modern aesthetic.

A modern marvel of bedroom organisation

Parisot Craftsmanship:

Designed and made by Parisot, one of France’s leading furniture manufacturers with a 90-year presence in the market, the Bridge Double Bed assures quality and reliability. This earth-friendly product holds the Green Way accreditation, aligning with contemporary values of sustainability and eco-conscious living. With smart design features, you can trust in the durability and aesthetic appeal of this attractive bed.

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