Eco-Friendly Manufacturing At Tidy Books

by Geraldine Grandidier, founder of Tidy Books.

 Eco Friendly Manufacturing
At Tidy Books we like to do the best we can…

Like you, we want to help look after the planet, so being an eco-friendly business is a no brainer for us. The way we manufacture our Tidy Books products isn’t about showing off our green credentials – it’s about common sense.

Just like it is common sense not to breathe in toxic fumes.

Not long after starting the business we discovered that the commonly used acrylic lacquer we coated our furniture with gave off Volatile Organic Compounds that are bad for the environment and can also be harmful to health. We immediately changed to water lacquer. Water lacquer is a safer, eco-friendly alternative that has very low VOCs and is virtually odourless.

When I next visited our factory, it was lovely to meet our wonderful workers and know that they weren’t breathing in nasty pollutants. Plus it’s good for you, our customers, to know that Tidy Books products won’t bring harmful pollutants into your home.

Using water lacquer is part of our commitment to design and manufacture products that look great and are safe for you, your family and the planet.

At Tidy Books we are all about handmade…

I love visiting our factory where all our Tidy Books products are handmade by local workers.  As a former violin maker, I have a lot of respect for people who make things with their own hands. It’s a real craft and wonderful to watch – and because our products are handmade you get a unique piece of furniture. We don’t use MDF. All our furniture is made with sustainable, FSC-certified wood that is handcrafted to retain its ‘imperfections’ and finished with water lacquer, which allows the wood’s natural beauty to shine through.

The way we manufacture gives a very different look to the mass-produced alternatives that roll off the production line. You can see all the naturally beautiful knots and grain patterns that give real wood its charm. We believe – and we hope you do too – that this is what makes our products so special. And of course as lovely as they look, all our products are made to be functional and practical for your kids to enjoy freely!

Tidy Books is exclusive to NEST in South Africa.

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