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Elevate your space with a gorgeous dressing table by Trasman.

Exclusive to Nest in South Africa, and available now for door-to-door delivery!

Wish Dressing Table White by Trasman Storage Features
Looking for new ways to bring glamour into your teenage girl’s bedroom or dressing room?

Embark on a journey of elegance and organization with Trasman, our reputable manufacturer from Barcelona, available exclusively at Nest in South Africa. Today, at 11 am, our latest shipment of vanities from Trasman arrived at Durban port. However, stock is already limited due to eager customers securing their favourites through back orders even before the vessel’s arrival – so, the time to act is now! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your bedroom or dressing room with one of our top 4 picks from the collection. Secure yours today before they’re gone.

1. Glamour Dressing Table

At the forefront of our bestseller list stands the timeless Glamour Dressing Table. This versatile piece boasts a mirror on the front panel for the perfect reflection, complemented by dimmable vertical strip lights to ensure flawless makeup application day or night.

Wish Dressing Table White by Trasman Storage Features

With a pull-out cabinet and a spacious drawer equipped with dividers, keeping your cosmetics organized has never been easier. Its sleek design, blending natural and white aesthetics, adds a trendy modern touch to any space, measuring 142cm in height, 100cm in length, and 41cm in depth.

2. Wish Dressing Table

For those seeking a bright and elegant option, the Wish Dressing Table in pristine white is a top contender.

Wish Dressing Table White by Trasman Storage Features

Measuring 142cm in height, 99cm in length, and 41cm in depth, it features a front panel mirror with hidden storage beneath, complete with shelves and drawers to keep your essentials close at hand. The addition of dimmable strip lights ensures optimal illumination for flawless makeup application, while the integrated support for your phone or tablet keeps you connected while you primp and prep.

3. Pia Dressing Table

Step into the realm of Hollywood glamour with the Pia Dressing Table, available in striking white or a chic white and pink combination. This iconic piece exudes sophistication with its central round mirror surrounded by dimmable LED lighting, reminiscent of classic movie star vanities.

Wish Dressing Table White by Trasman Storage Features

Designed with both beauty and function in mind, it offers ample storage space, including an upper shelf and multiple drawers with internal organization compartments. Measuring 147cm in height, 100cm in length, and 41cm in depth, the Pia Dressing Table is the epitome of luxury and practicality.

Craftsmanship and Durability

All Trasman vanities are crafted from tough, densely compacted particle board, featuring a melamine resin cover for enhanced durability. With a material thickness of 25mm, these vanities exude the look and feel of solid wood while offering resistance to heat, moisture, and scratches. Rest assured, each piece comes with a 12-month manufacturer guarantee, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction with your purchase.

Secure your piece of luxury today before it’s too late. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of the Glamour Dressing Table, the pristine beauty of the Wish Dressing Table, or the Hollywood glamour of the Pia Dressing Table, there’s something for every style and preference in our exclusive Trasman collection. With limited stock available and demand soaring, don’t wait any longer. Elevate your space with one of our top picks from the collection and experience the perfect blend of glamour and functionality. Order now and transform your bedroom or dressing room into a haven of sophistication and organization.

Hollywood vibes for the young and fabulous! Get ready to glam up with our Pia Dressing Table! This vanity is also available in solid White.

As the exclusive distributor of Trasman in South Africa, you won’t find these vanities anywhere else.

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