Darling New Duvets Now Available From Nest Designs

by Marcia Margolius, editor of SA Decor and Design.

The little person sleeping in the room next to yours may someday be a big thinker, an innovator, a creative or an entrepreneur. Let’s inspire them to dream big and reach for the sky. We’re thrilled to introduce you to the latest kids’ duvet designs now available from Nest Designs. These beauties are sure to inspire your little ones to dream bigger.

ZZZ Duvet Set

Snoring Zzz! Are you sure you are getting enough zzz’s at night? Catch up on your Z sleep between these crispy white sheets featuring blue ball point pen scribbles drawn just for you! Playful fun at its best!


The Traffic Duvet Set

Beep! Beep! There is always traffic on these busy roads! However the cars featured on this bedding set certainly are a lot more fun to look at – they are handmade from colourful play dough by artist Georgina Vieane! An instant hit, this design combines a realistic photographic print with top quality cotton. Perfect for adding a dash of fun to bed time.


The Unicorn Duvet Set

Inspire good dreams with this enchanting, pure cotton Unicorn Duvet Set. This wondrous, mythical creature will make the perfect night-time companion! This friendly Unicorn loves spreading joy and happiness and lives in a magical world of adventure.


Shark Duvet Set

FIN-tastic fun for bedtime and perfect for shark lovers! Get ready for a diving adventure and keep them all scared while you fearlessly climb inside that big shark’s mouth…where you are warm and safe!


The Marble Universe Duvet Set?

Have you lost your marbles? Well, we haven’t. They’ve all been neatly placed on this bedding in a star studded galaxy. They look just like colourful planets in a parallel universe where anything is possible. If you love marbles or celestial bodies in outer space then this duvet set is bound to be right up your alley, so shoot for the stars and dream big!


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