Happy Customers

Thank you!

Thank you for your efforts in delivering the dressing table. We managed to assemble it last night – just in time for today. It looks good – Thank you again.
4 April 2024

Excellent service!

My daughter's dressing table has just been delivered...thank you for excellent service!! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends. She is so excited...can't wait to build it!!
3 April 2024

Great products!

Good service! Great products!
1 February 2024

Great communication

Great communication through the delayed order. I always knew where we were and and was never left guessing.
11 January 2024

Exactly like the image on the website!

We love the dressing table we ordered. It is exactly like the image on the website. We were pleasantly surprised with the quick delivery even ordering it over the festive season. Thank you for the excellent service and quality products.
10 January 2024

Massive confidence!

The almost instant reply from Vanessa to an email query gave me massive confidence as a first time buyer , and the item arrived, well packaged, not damaged, and in record time.
28 November 2023

High quality product & service

Very glad to see that a high quality product and service was available and operationally everything was efficient and effective.
7 November 2023

A Game Changer!

I wanted to let you know that my twins ADORE their new bunk beds. They are sleeping beautifully, waking up happy - it's been a game changer for us.
14 Sept 2023

Love the products

Love the products
16 June 2023

Most impressed by the level of efficiency

From the moment I sent off my query, and received an almost instant reply, I have been most impressed by the level of efficiency and helpfulness, and will most definitely recommend your company for anyone looking for the products you supply. The instructions accompanying the bunk bed that I purchased were comprehensive, which made assembling the beds very straightforward and easy
31 May 2023

Best online shop in SA

Thank you so much!! Best online shop in SA by far!
11 May 2023

Clear instructions

Thanks for the clear instructions on how to assemble the items.
3 May 2023

Great product

What a great product, extremely well thought out and designed and great quality!
20 April 2023

Well priced

Really great to find well priced original bedroom furniture.
2 February 2023

Super-fast service

Thank you for the excellent, efficient and super-fast service! I ordered the desks on Wednesday and they were delivered on Friday!
19 January 2023

Highly recommend

The service and quality is excellent. Vanessa was so accommodating with my requests. Highly recommend.
26 October 2022

On point!

Instructions for assembly on point.
24 October 2022

Quick service

Order received. Thank you for the quick service.
19 October 2022

Excellent service

Excellent service 🙂 Thank you very much
6 October 2022

Best website

Best website ever!
29 September 2022

Great product

We ordered the dollhouse for our granddaughter at the last minute. We were concerned that it would not be in time for her birthday. The evening before her birthday the package was delivered. Well done! A lot of detail goes into these dollhouses…even the screws are the same colour to fit in with the different room panels. This is a great product and we will be ordering another one for our other granddaughter!
16 September 2022

Easy to assemble

Love my child’s puzzle bookshelf. The quality was great and it was easy to assemble.
18 August 2022

Love ALL your products

The quality and look of this bed is absolutely stunning. I am very satisfied with the Fleet bunk bed as it gives each child a place to sleep whilst saving so much space in their room to play in. I am ecstatic about it, to say the least!!! Love ALL your products, I want all of them!
15 August 2022

Outstanding quality

First time purchase. Exceptional service and efficient delivery. Outstanding quality. Will definitely buy from you again
28 July 2022

Perfectly packaged

I was super excited on Friday when the beds got delivered! We assembled them today and wow! Perfectly packaged, easy to assemble and great quality.
26 June 2022

Love the quality

Love the quality and design of your products – we have a bookshelf from 6 years ago that both my kids use – it’s in perfect condition despite their rough-housing 😉
15 May 2022

Excellent service

Thank you for your excellent service with the stuffed animals, it only took 3 days 🙂
12 June 2022

Great experience

I have ordered a bed with you guys 2 weeks back. That same bed was just delivered today! I had a great experience with your company and ordering my bed with you. The service was great and very fast. Thank you so much.
28 January 2022

Excellent service

Thank you for excellent service
25 January 2022

Excellent product quality

Excellent Service and product quality
18 January 2022

Busy saving for my next purchase

I love the variety of products on your store, and the clean design is easy to navigate. Busy saving up for my next purchase 😊
11 January 2022

Very happy

Just wanted to let you know the bed is awesome,.. excellent quality, we are very happy!
11 January 2022

Fast delivery

Thank you for so much for the great service and fast delivery.
15 November 2021

Fast to answer

Customer service is working very well and they are fast to answer.
10 November 2021

A pleasure to purchase from

The order process was an absolute pleasure and received my order before I expected. A pleasure to purchase from.
5 November 2021

Love the final result

We were surprised to find how easy your directions were to follow and how easily every part fitted together. It was like building a puzzle which we enjoyed tremendously. And we love the final result!
20 September 2021

Great products

Great products, excellent service!
30 August 2021

Excellent service

I have received my order. Thank you for your excellent service
29 August 2021

Love your quality items

We have had this for 7 years now from nest. And when we bought it, it was filled with toddler books and now its filled with a 9 year old’s books. Your products grow with my child and still looks as beautiful as the day we bought it. I love your quality items. Just thought to share with you as customers always share complaints but I wanted to share compliments on your good quality, affordable items.
24 August 2021

Loves her desk

Our daughter loves her desk.
11 August 2021

Quick delivery times

Thank you very much. I’m very happy with the shelves I bought and your quick delivery times.
28 July 2021

Great service

Excellent products and great service
15 July 2021

Bunk beds exceeded our expectations!

Thank you very much, we always knew that we will receive an excellent product, but the bunk beds really exceeded our expectations!
7 July 2021

Fantastic customer service

The bunk bed I ordered was excellent. I did have a few issues regarding incorrect components in the box but Vanessa and team have exhibited exemplary customer service and sorted out the issue in record time. Thank you for the fantastic customer service. I can highly recommend Nest Designs.
18 June 2021

Very happy

The desk arrived and is assembled. Naomi is very happy with it
18 June 2021

A pleasure to deal with

Vanessa was incredibly helpful and efficient. The couriers lost part of the order and she made sure that it was found and arrived promptly. A pleasure to deal with. Great that there are still companies that follow up to make sure customers are happy.
24 May 2021

Amazing products

I have already told people about your store! Thank you for the amazing products and services.
19 May 2021

High quality product

High quality product. Overall very happy and my boy loves his new bed.
11 May 2021

Quick delivery

Thank you also so much for the quick delivery 🙂 Very happy and satisfied
10 May 2021

Great shopping experience

It was a great experience shopping from Nest. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work.
28 June 2021

Excellent product

Thank you for your excellent product and efficiency.
8 June 2021

Wide variety of products

Very impressed with Vanessa and the level of service. Wide variety of products. Wish my two teens were still babies again, so that I could buy some of these amazing products.
15 March 2021

Loves his new bed

William loves his new bed and Thomas cannot wait for his to come! Thanks for the quick delivery and high quality product 🙂
26 February 2021

Thank you for making this happen

I just wanted to express my absolute appreciation for receiving my daughter’s vanity ahead of her 6th birthday on Tuesday. I still need to assemble same and will send you a photograph. Thank you for making this happen against all odds
6 February 2021

Wonderful service

I am sure you hear this all the time but thank you for the wonderful service you deliver! There are not many companies that help the way you do.
11 January 2021

Love your products!

I love your products!
10 January 2021

Good service

Thanks so much for your good service! We received the bed today and can’t wait to assemble it.
22 December 2020

Worth the wait

We had to wait a while because of shipping delays, but we were happy that Vanessa kept in contact with us and the product was worth the wait.
15 December 2020


Wow received already, very impressive service
16 December 2020

Quality goods

My son is ecstatic about his bunk bed. Thank you for the awesome service and quality goods supplied.
11 December 2020

Products are practical

We love your products! We have bought a few things and we were impressed with the quality every time. Love that the products are practical but also beautiful at the same time.
27 November 2020

Best yet in SA

Thank you so much Vanessa. Amazing service 😃 best yet in SA. Everything else has been a mission
30 November 2020

Excellent customer service

Customer service is excellent – even when it’s the customer’s mistake!
25 November 2020

Great service

Thank you so much for the great service Vanessa
20 November 2020

Service was fantastic

Just wanted to say thank you soooo much, Layla’s doll house was just delivered!! Super excited to put it together… Looking soooo forward to giving it to her on her birthday!! Your service was fantastic and soooo fast, thank you so much….
20 November 2020

Goods are exceptional

Service has been excellent and the quality of the goods are exceptional.
18 November 2020

Product satisfaction

Absolutely love your products!
14 October 2020

Quick delivery

There are a couple of things that made me happy.
1) The service
2) The quick delivery
3) The quality of the products
Not only have I made my house a home but we have brightened up the lives of 3 little kids who mean the world to us.
My wife and I have scored the ultimate brownie points.
Thank you. Truly. Words cannot express
9 October 2020

Great all-round experience

Great experience and the room came out just like my son wanted.
29 September 2020

Beautiful Avery desk

My son is very happy with his Avery desk. Looks beautiful in his room. Thank you.
7 October 2020

Wonderful service and product

Wonderful service, wonderful product. My child loves her bookshelf!
6 October 2020

Product satisfaction

I just wanted to let you know that our desk was delivered yesterday and it looks great! Thank you so much!!!
2 October 2020

Good products and service

The products are good and the service has been good too.
21 September 2020

Best service, designs and products

Just want to say I had best service from Vanessa and team. Best designs and your products are awesome. My baby girl loves it so much… Keeps her busy & on her toes – the fun of it seeing her busy cooking and playing. I’m in the process of building a lounge for her so she has her very own small home to play. Will definitely contact you guys again for more products. Keep up the good work.
16 September 2020

Great website

Great website and products.
12 September 2020

Proud owner of an Amori bed

I am a very happy and proud owner of an Amori bed, night stand and desk. We have managed to build the desk and the night stand and have now unpacked the bed to build this weekend. I must say I was quite wary that I wouldn’t manage, but your design is simple and solid, a combination I really love.
21 August 2020

Dream dollshouse

Dollshouse received over the weekend and set up yesterday by Mario’s team (wonderful service by the way) It’s an absolute dream, my daughter is soooo happy 🙂
18 August 2020

Speedy delivery

Thank you so much for the speedy delivery.
7 August 2020

Helpful service

Vanessa was very helpful and patient with my many emails and questions.
10 June 2020

Great service

Baie baie dankies!! Julle diens is puik!!
21 July 2020

Service with integrity

Thank you, Vanessa. I so appreciate your integrity. Thanks for keeping me updated from the start, being thoughtful about my family’s needs and accommodating us. I’ll certainly shop with you again and will recommend Nest highly to family and friends.
15 July 2020

Love your design and quality

We absolutely love the quality and design of your products, thank you! Parcel arrived today ?

I bought the kids the French bunk bed from you years ago. We receive so many comments on the style.
1 July 2020

Great duvet covers

We have received the Duvet covers and the kids love them. Thank you very much.

29 June 2020

Impeccable service

Thank you for the impeccable service. I’m completely blown away by such service excellence. Received my order first thing this morning. Will be shouting your praises.

25 June 2020

Speedy delivery

I was extremely impressed by the delivery time (I made payments and it was delivered by the following day).
16 June 2020

Great service and products

Great service and great products – will definitely be a return customer and recommend to all my friends and family. Keep up the great work Nest Team.
11 June 2020

Speedy delivery

I cant believe how quick that was, amazing. I haven’t opened everything yet to check, but for the speed of delivery thank you very much, very impressive.
12 June 2020

Prompt delivery

I received the bed yesterday. Thanks for the prompt delivery. It’s greatly appreciated.
11 June 2020

Quick delivery and product satisfaction

Thanks for the very quick delivery, quite impressed. The desk looks amazing, my daughter loves it!
15 May 2020

Fantastic service

Fantastic service, especially during these trying COVID-19 times!
I have already recommended your website to a work colleague who is expecting their first child soon and are starting to feel a bit overwhelmed as to how to get the Nursery etc ready with the shopping restrictions in place.
17 May 2020

Excellent quality

We received our delivery yesterday and after a long (first one) and the quick (second one) assembly, the kids were over the moon!! The quality is excellent! The kids love their beds and wanted to go to bed at 4pm yesterday!! Thank you so much – I have 2 very, very happy boys!!

12 May 2020

Super speedy service

Thank you wonderful Nest team for super speedy service. Looking forward to unwrapping and assembling.
5 May 2020

Product satisfaction

Best purchase!
22 March 2020

Professional service

The feedback was immediately, friendly and professional. My package came very well packaged and quickly. Very impressed we need more customer service like this in SA. Keep up the good work!
12 February 2020

Awesome service

You guys are the best. Thanks for awesome service and really easy to assemble yourself. Was really fun seeing it come together. Love my new study space.
16 December 2019

Prompt help

Thanks for the quick service and prompt help – its a breath of fresh air in today’s overpopulated online marketplace 
31 December 2019

Great service and products

I’m very happy with the service and the product I purchased. I’ll definitely buy more products from you guys. Thank you so much!!
12 November 2019

Speedy delivery

I really appreciate your speedy delivery.
12 November 2019

Spectacular dollhouse

Many thanks, the dollhouse is spectacular!
19 September 2019

Excellent services

We have received the order this morning, thank you, you provide excellent services, I will be recommending your company to all my friends and family and will purchasing more items from your online store.
12 September 2019

Speedy and efficient services

I would like to say how impressed I was with the speed and efficiency my order was executed.
27 August 2019

Impeccable customer service

Our order has been successfully delivered and installed, yay!!
Would like to commend you and the team on an amazing product and impeccable customer service..a level which I have not yet experienced elsewhere ..a telephone call response at 7am in the morning (still in awe, lol) and speedy delivery as promised with all components intact and neatly packaged.
Thank you for making our shopping online a pleasant experience, our kids are over the moon with this quality purchase!!
20 August 2019

Great and thorough service

Great and thorough service from Vanessa. Thanks!
13 August 2019

Quick delivery

Thank you for the quick delivery.
12 August 2019

Product satisfaction

Thank you, I was happy with my order.
7 August 2019

Great service

Great service – thank you
18 July 2019

Great products and assembly team

Thanks Vanessa, we are very happy with our products and the team who assembled the bed today!
21 June 2019

Quick dispatch

Just to let you know my daughter is absolutely obsessed with the vanity. Thank you for the quick dispatch.
2 June 2019

Speedy delivery

Thank you very much for the speedy delivery, I am impressed!!
27 May 2019

Speedy service

I received my order this morning. Thank you for the speedy service.
7 May 2019

Excellent, speedy service

You were awesome!! We gave Charlotte her Wobbel Board this morning for her birthday, which Vanessa did everything in her power to get to us before her birthday – responding to e-mails and my panic that we wouldn’t get it in time :). It was a battle to get Charlotte off the board this morning to get ready for school – it’s only Day 1, but she is absolutely loving it already! Thank-you!
17 April 2019

Excellent customer service and easy assembly

Feedback with regards to my order was very well handled and I wasn’t concerned about my order at all. The assembly was easy as the manual had very detailed instructions.
25 March 2019

Excellent customer service and products

The consignment was well received! Thank you for the excellent service and excellent products! We love it and looking forward to complete our room soon.
14 January 2019

Gorgeous chairs

We have received our order, thank you. We are absolutely THRILLED with the chairs – they are gorgeous! Much nicer than I expected and my children are super excited. Looking forward to unpacking the desks and the bed on Sunday.
29 November 2018

Great service and products

I have been more than happy with both your product and your service. I will most definitely be a returning customer.
27 November 2018

Great service

Thank you so much for all your assistance. My son is happily in his new room on his new bed.
6 November 2018

Exceptional service

Thank you so much for my order! We are very happy. Exceptional service and great courier company! Thank you I will definitely be purchasing from your company in the future.
10 September 2018

Order arrived on time!

Great service, order arrived on time! My son LOVES his kitchen, the best birthday present!
5 September 2018

Totally bowled over

I was totally bowled over with the service that I received, it was fantastic. And was so pleasantly surprised when I received my purchase the day after!! Thank you!
22 August 2018

Delighted with the quality

Great phone advice when I called in recommending the Little Folks Superior bunk bed – really delighted with the quality having now assembled it. Service was impeccable and delivery very prompt – a pleasure.
17 July 2018

Love their new 'big beds'

Our twins love their new ‘big beds’ and there is now much excitement in our house when bed time rolls around!
3 August 2018

Delighted with the quality

I was delighted with the service, speed and quality of the products delivered to me last week.
19 June 2018

Perfect condition

The delivery was received in perfect condition, and speedily indeed
6 June 2018

Good customer experience

Vanessa is great. Focused on a good customer experience and really went out of her way to ensure a good experience with Nest. Thank you!
6 June 2018

Super-fast delivery

Great service, super-fast delivery. My little boy, who has just started sleeping in his big-boy bed was so excited when he saw his new duvet cover and the novelty hasn’t worn off yet. Thank you!
4 June 2018

Thrilled with the bed and vanity

We would like to thank Vanessa very much for all her assistance with our purchase. My daughter is thrilled with her bed and her vanity stand.
18 May 2018

Unique items

My kids are loving their gifts. I just love different and unique items you have.
17 May 2018

Really impressed with service

Thank you so much – I received your parcel. Really impressed with your service and product.
19 June 2018

Amazing products

Please keep up the great work and amazing products. Some items I've had for 5 years now and are still of great quality.
31 January 2018

Wonderful quality

Just an update on the birthday and Christmas presents you helped me with in December for our granddaughters. They have all gone down a storm with both the girls and Ben says they are wonderful quality. We shall be able to see for ourselves when we come over to SA in March, but it is so comforting to find a company which can really deliver ... and to know that they arrived safely and on time. When we try to send anything from the UK, it either doesn't even get there or it is really late, and of course it costs a fortune in postage - all for nothing! So we will most undoubtedly be using Nest again and I just wanted to let you know we appreciate the service you provided.
9 January 2018

Efficient service

I wanted to thank you for the fast and efficient service on such a short notice. I’m very impressed and found the manual to be very helpful.( when I saw all the screws, I was panicking but was a walk in the park) I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and collegues.
14 November 2017

Highest quality

I love the products I have bought thus far, they are of the highest quality.
26 October 2017

Items are really sturdy and firm

Would just like to say thank you for my items..  they are really sturdy and firm... really happy! Now to just set up the room...
18 August 2017

Easy to assemble

My husband absolutely loved the book case. He says it was very easy to assemble and it looks amazing! Thanks a mil!
4 August 2017

Kids absolutely love their beds!

Thank you so much for the excellent service!  My wife and I finally assembled the beds and are so happy with the product.  The kids absolutely love their beds and are now finally out of my bed. Victory!!
13 July 2017

Great service

Just wanted to let you know we received the order on Tuesday, thank you so much for a great service.
13 July 2017

Service was incredible

Thank you so much for the delivery I was amazed at how quickly it came, your service was incredible thank you!
9 July 2017

Speedy and efficient

I have received my purchase! Thank so much - what a speedy and effective way to shop!
11 May 2017

Impressed with your product range

I’m really impressed with your product range, website layout: very user-friendly; and your service has been outstanding!!! Thank you. I wish you stocked other domestic area products too;-)
18 January 2017

Very impressed with your service

I just wanted to say I was very impressed with your service, and we LOVE our Parker Bunk Bed? I wish your business great success.
12 January 2017

Prompt service & quality products

Just wanted to pop you a note thanking you for the prompt service and the quality products that you sent to us! I had Tim "help" me with some of the building 🙂 We had is all finished on Friday evening and he is so happy with his new room!
9 January 2017

Your Facebook made my purchase more pleasurable

Your website and Facebook made my purchase more pleasurable than in store purchasing. I considered myself in store kind of girl until I crossed your website, I'm converted! Information provided i.e. details and pictures were not a let down when my package arrived. And in fact it was more magical once assembled. Thank you And will be in touch for future purchases.
6 December 2016

Positive experience

The service and delivery were extremely efficient! I really appreciate the extra mile to get the order to me quickly I had a really positive experience.
25 November 2016

Beautiful tent

We received the tent , thank you! It’s beautiful! 
7 October 2016

Mid-sleeper is stunning

Thank you for the speedy delivery. The Mid-Sleeper is stunning and my daughter loves it! Her room has been transformed into a workable, attractive and tidy space, exactly the solution a busy mom needs to keep sane.
15 September 2016

Good quality furniture

I was so pleased to find a South African online retailer specializing in very good quality furniture and accessories. We're downsizing so my purchases are not actually for a child's room, but for a two-bedroom unit in a retirement resort! The dimensions and quality of your products are just perfect! 
6 September 2016

Incredibly fast service

Thank you, I received my order yesterday morning. Such great and incredibly fast service!
1 September 2016

My kids are thrilled

Just to say thank you for the service. My kids are thrilled at the new bed. Everything was in good order.
22 August 2016

Beds are stunning

Just to let you know that the beds arrived and Nic managed to put it all together. Thank you so much. They are stunning and ready just in time for the boys to spend their first night with us in their new second home.
29 June 2016

Prompt delivery

I want to say a big thanks to you for your prompt delivery and the most beautiful gift for my daughter. It is her birthday today, when she opened her present this morning she was so very happy and can’t wait to go on her picnic with me!
13 May 2016

Amazing service

Thank you for your amazing service and delivery time. It arrived already and I’m sure Vicky is going to be the happiest girl tomorrow.
8 April 2016

Definitely the quickest delivery

Just wanted to thank you as my order just arrived and I just have to say how impressed we are not only with the quality of the toys but also how quickly we received it, definitely the quickest I have ever received an order with online shopping. Will definitely be ordering a lot more from your store.
12 October 2015

Prompt and professional assistance

You are making my day...My son will be so surprised. I will definitely use Nest Design again in the future. Thank you for the prompt and professional assistance.
26 June 2015

Excellent service

I just want to let you know that I have received the delivery and want to thank you for your excellent service. We will definitely be back.
30 March 2015

Speedy service

I would just like to thank you for your speedy service.  I have received my parcel today. It really was a great experience shopping from you. Will definitely use you again in the future.
27 January 2015

Really awesome!

Received my order yesterday - just wanted to say a huge thank you - the items are all stunning! And I have done a lot of online shopping lately for Christmas etc - your website/ service/ communication/ delivery has been the best I have ever had! What a pleasure to shop! Really awesome!
9 December 2014

Beautiful products and amazing service

Absolutely love your website! Beautiful products. Your service is just as amazing as your website!
3 December 2014

Super fast

Wow, thank you so much for a super fast experience.  I received my gorgeous purchases this morning just after 8 am.
13 November 2014

Excellent service

Package was received this morning. Excellent service, even the courier guys were exceptional.
10 November 2014

Such a smooth and easy process

I received my parcel this morning and I have to tell you I LOVE IT!! This was my first online shopping experience so I was a big nervous at first, but it was such a smooth and easy process, thanks so much.
7 November 2014

Epic customer service

Wow - thanks Vanessa - that's EPIC CUSTOMER SERVICE. Will comment via Facebook once the surprise has been revealed. Will def be back for Christmas!! Thank you again for such responsive, personalised service.
24 October 2014

A huge win!

I wanted to let you know that the bed we bought is now installed.  Rose has installed herself, her fish, and her books and cd player in the top bunk and we are having trouble persuading her to come down for meals. It’s a HUGE win! Thanks so much.
15 September 2014

Thank you

Thank you for our desk and play table. We have set it up and the kids love it!
11 September 2014

Thrilled with the quality

I just wanted to drop you guys a note to say Thank You for the efficient service in getting our order to us in (what seemed like) no time flat! What's more, when my husband assembled the activity/art table, he was absolutely thrilled with the quality of the product, but more importantly, how well the instructions were put together and everything so well labelled. Thank you, because now I know he won't complain when I order from you guys again! 😉 Well done, I will definitely be telling all my friends about how awesome your products are!
8 September 2014

Excellent service!

Thank you so much for the excellent service. Our daughter received her storage unit Tuesday and loves it. I will definitely recommend your company to all my friends!!! We really appreciate your excellence. THANK YOU!!!
15 August 2014

So happy

Received the Debutante dressing table last week and just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the product. It was so easy to set-up and looked beautiful! Thank you very much!
8 July 2014

Thank you!

Love the dog night light, thank you! And my toddler loves him too!
20 June 2014

Amazingly fast service

Got my step today, its beautiful. Thanks for your amazingly fast service - great product!
11 June 2014

The furniture is gorgeous

Just wanted to let you know that the furniture is gorgeous, we're very happy with it! Thank you so much.
25 May 2014

Love it

The cupboard and 3 boxes arrived yesterday and I just want to say thank you - I love it.
17 April 2014

Delighted 🙂

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my cheval mirror! My little girl was delighted:) Thanks once again for making my shopping experience with Nest designs a pleasurable one!
17 April 2014

Awesome products

I have been meaning to contact you and express my compliments to you again for wonderful service. My parcels arrived in next to no time with minimum hassle, everything was there and all awesome products, many, many thanks!
17 April 2014

Excellent service

Just want to Thank You for the excellent service. I have received my parcel. Thanks again.
15 April 2014

WOW, thanks so much!

I received my parcel this morning. Thank you. Just a comment: It was the friendliest delivery guy I met in a LONG LONG time and very professional as well. He phoned me in advance to ask directions and even gave me an ETA. WOW, thanks so much!
15 April 2014

Just exquisite

Thank you – we received our playtent (and the duvet sets) yesterday.  The tent is just exquisite and our kids are having a ball.
15 April 2014

Loving it!

I just wanted to thank you for the speedy delivery of the correct box.  The bed is assembled and my boys are loving it!
15 April 2014

Speedy and excellent service

Would like to say thank you for the speedy and excellent service of Nest Designs and the Courier Guy. I received my order this afternoon just after 4pm in good condition. Hubby put together the Easel set whilst daughter plays with her alphabet and food set 🙂
15 April 2014

Such a pleasure

Such a pleasure shopping with you guys! 🙂
15 April 2014

Fantastic experience

Many thanks for the fantastic online shopping experience, you are voted one of my best online shops in S.A.
15 April 2014

Brilliant service

Many thanks for your brilliant service I have received the braai already this morning! May I commend you on your exceptional service , there are not many companies out there today that offer good service.
15 April 2014

Great service

My nest order arrived yesterday. Thank you for the great service.
9 January 2014

So quick

Thank you so much for sending my order so quickly. My son is thrilled with the bookends.
9 January 2014

Very easy to assemble

Thanks, I’ve already put it together. It’s a lovely product and very easy to assemble. Many thanks!
9 January 2014

Very easy to assemble

The Recharge Station really is fantastic and being a neat freak by nature it suites me perfectly! Thank you!
9 January 2014

Very easy to assemble

Thank you so much, I received the dressing table on Friday, I can’t believe the quick service…wow! My husband remarked on how well the dressing table was packaged. Thank you very much it is such a lovely girls dressing table and Kiara will get many years of pleasure from it.
9 January 2014

Changed my life!

I am loving loving my new black desk!! Changed my life!
9 January 2014

Looks great

All looks great thank you!
9 January 2014


Received my order on Monday – thank you. The princess table and stool is up and looks beautiful! Thanks again!
9 January 2014

Many thanks

Hi, received my package today many thanks. I just love it.
9 January 2014

Great service and prompt delivery

I would like to say thank you very much for the great service and very prompt delivery of Sandra’s order. Sandra is delighted with everything.
9 January 2014

Very pleased!

Thank you the parcel arrived today and I’m very pleased with it! Thanks for prompt service!
9 January 2014

Speedy reply

Thanks so much for your speedy reply, it is great doing business with people who are efficient!
9 January 2014

Service is always fast

Thank you Vanessa. Your service is always fast and efficient!
9 January 2014

Great service

I received the biscuit tin yesterday, thanks so much for the great service! And the tin is lovely!
9 January 2014

Great service

I received the biscuit tin yesterday, thanks so much for the great service! And the tin is lovely!
9 January 2014

Amazing service

I received the bookends this morning! Wow, thanks so much for the amazing service.
9 January 2014

My daughter loves the units

Just a follow up to say thank you for the quality product and good service! We received everything, built it without a hitch (ok a few minor ones cause men refuse to read instructions!) and installed it all for Saturday morning wake up. My daughter loves the units and is keeping her room tidy and organised.
4 January 2014

Prompt delivery

THANK YOU for the prompt delivery. Thnx a mil the beds are in and enjoying them.
3 January 2014

Very pleased with our purchase

Thank you for the great service today. We are very pleased with our purchase, I’m sure you will hear from us again
2 January 2014

Instructions were so clear

Your furniture is absolutely awesome, such great quality and the instructions were so clear and easy to understand unlike most stuff we’ve bought in the past. I will certainly recommend it to everyone I know!
2 January 2014

Bookcase is gorgeous

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order yesterday. Thank you so much for your help and swift delivery… the book case is gorgeous and looks just stunning in my little one’s room.
2 January 2014

Just made payment for another one!

My two year old LOVES her stepstool ! It makes her more motivated for toilet training. So I have just made payment for another one that I can keep upstairs as the first one is stationed downstairs.

Quality of your product is excellent

I want to thank you for the amazing products that you sell and for the fact that you even deliver in Bloem – we often struggle to get suppliers to deliver to us without it costing us a fortune. The quality of your product is excellent and to assemble it was even possible for me as a woman.

WOW, I am so impressed

I have recently just purchased the above bedding set from your website. Firstly, WOW, I am so impressed with everything “NEST!!” From the site, to the delivery, to the product. Its just quality quality and quality. Thank you!!

Efficient service

Many thanks. I received my items today and am thrilled with all of them, and especially the toy box. Thank you for such efficient service, I will definitely be back for more orders!

Excellent service

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service! Just received the package.We will definitely shop with you again!


I would like to compliment Nest and the whole admin team for delivering the order detailed below. The efficiency with which you communicated with me (and I am technologically naïve), the emails, the confirmations and most importantly – the prompt delivery – will ensure that we will be ordering from you again. You were referred by a friend in Johannesburg and I would like to assure you – you will be referred to all our friends going forward. Please understand -on-line shopping in South Africa can be very unpredictable, and the fact that I actually received my goods in the stipulated 2 working days is a compliment to your professionalism and teamwork. The system does work! My daughter is thrilled with her birthday present…. Thank you!!

Excellent service

We received our order this morning, the clock, the rug and the magnetic numbers and it is all truly lovely, thank you for the excellent service we have received and the patience you have shown us! We will definitely be contacting you in the new year with the next order!

Furniture is beautiful

I have received all the furniture. Thanks a lot for your great service! The furniture is beautiful!!!

Easy assembly

Thank you for the wonderful products, we are so thrilled with the quality and easy assembly of the furniture.

Absolutely love your product!

I absolutely love your product!! How awesome to put together a whole playroom solution that works – I have been looking for something like this for a while now. Well done.

Love it!

I bought the modular storage system for my daughter, Chloe. She simply loves it!

Delivered very quickly

I just want to say thank you for the goods. They were delivered very quickly. My husband put them together for us this weekend, and it looks really nice!

Lovely present

The delivery of the Heart Clothes Rail was made yesterday and all are thrilled with the lovely present.