Create A Productive Study Space For Your Child

Exam season is here! This can be a very stressful time of year for both parents and children alike. Parents can make a real difference to how a child deals with exams. Apart from researching tips on how you can help your child cope with exam stress and pressure, we think that in order for your child to work smarter it is important that they have an inspirational and productive study space.

Serious students won’t have a problem hitting the books if their at-home study space has been given a make-over!

These are our 4 essentials for creating an organised, productive study space for your child.

 1) Desk

When it comes to homework it is important to consider the right set up for your child’s needs. The desk is a vital component and getting it right is critical. When you sit at a desk, the tabletop should ideally rest between your waist and ribcage, so that you can easily rest your elbows on the surface for comfortable computer work or writing.  

Space available

Crucially, you also need to choose a desk which doesn’t take up too much space. Maximise their productivity by selecting a top which suits their working style. This could mean considering a corner desk to help make the most of available space. A corner desk also offers plenty of room for those who like to spread out and visualise their work.

Our Montana Corner Desk tucks neatly into corners and provides generous storage with fixed and adjustable shelving plus an additional pull-out drawer. The easy cable access of the desk is convenient for plugging in a computer and other electronic devices. Its useful corner storage can be positioned on either the left or the right side of the desk.

Productive Study Space Montana Corner Desk
Montana Corner Desk

Storage needs

One of the most important elements of the desk is organisation. Being able to keep the workstation tidy and clutter free is fundamental. Encourage them to keep their productive study space nice and organised, so that everything is within reach and in its right place. A clear desk is more likely to inspire efficiency and help them focus. Avoid clutter by storing text books and files on shelves.

Our Avery Corner Desk features a wide desk top surface with a built-in, bookcase-style shelving unit. Under-desk storage solutions, which include multiple shallow and spacious drawers are also excellent for keeping stationary essentials within easy reach. 

Productive Study Space Avery Corner Desk
Avery Corner Desk

Our bestselling Buster Desk has an open shelf and lower cabinet on one side and three spacious drawers on the other. There is also plenty of legroom underneath, so even tall teens and adults can sit and work in complete comfort. 

Productive Study Space Buster Desk
Buster Desk

Tip: encourage them to only use their desk when they are settling down to work. This approach will mean that as soon as they take a seat, they’ll be in the right studious mindset to hit the books!

2) Chair

When studying for exams, students should expect to spend long hours seated at their desk, so it’s important that their chair provides the correct ergonomic support.

Good desk chairs for children are hard to find! Look no further… our trendy Swivel Chair will add a touch of cool to their space while of course serving a primary duty at study-time. It is height adjustable with a shaped back, seat pad and castors to help your child sit comfortably and correctly with their feet resting flat on the ground. Featuring polypropylene cross legs with an oil-lift mechanism, this chair will suit your growing child, lasting them well into their teenage growth spurt years. 

Productive Study Space Wave Desk Chair
Wave Desk Chair by Lifetime Kidsrooms

Tip: Advise your child to take a short break from sitting at least once every hour. Get your child to do simple stretches to relieve muscle tightness and improve blood flow e.g. neck rotations, shoulder shrugs, calf raises, ankle pumps and lunges.

3) Task Lighting

Natural light is the best solution for a productive study space, however when the sun goes down you will need to turn to artificial solutions. If a work station is too dark, it will make it easier to doze off during the boring bits plus it may lead to eye strain, which can cause headaches and ultimately discourage studying altogether.

When it comes to lighting it is all about balance. Layered lighting is actually better for your eyes, so use an overhead light in combination with the more focussed light of a desk lamp. Nest has a great range of functional lighting designs that will put a pool of light right where they need it!

Productive Study Space Lighting
Wood and Metal Desk Lamp by Lifetime Kidsrooms

Tip: Apart from natural light, a well ventilated area is also a good idea. A constant flow of fresh air is essential when creating an effective learning environment, so if there is a window, keep it open or at least ajar.  

4) Clock

So that your child can stay focused and on-task and not distracted by their phone, they should really be challenged to unplug while they work.

It seems that nowadays lots of people have ditched their clocks in favour of smartphones but having a phone at hand while trying to study is a very tempting distraction.

When working or studying, kids can only focus for so long before their minds starts to wander. Taking frequent breaks helps, but if they don’t specifically schedule time for them, it’s far too easy to sit and work for hours on end.

Having a clock prominently displayed on their desk can encourage healthy time management, whether it motivates them to study for an extra hour or reminds them to keep on track. Our Tinge Alarm Clock has a modern classic design that will easily find its way into any kid’s room. It’s is also silent so they can study peacefully without any annoying ticking noises. 

Tip: Having a calendar or planner within view will help your child stay focused and on-task. It is always a good idea for students to create a plan and then stick to it, so that their goals can be achieved.

And finally, remember…no matter how perfect the A+ study space, hard work is still 100% necessary!