Convertible Bunk Beds for Shared Bedrooms

Why are convertible kids bunk beds the most versatile option for shared bedrooms?

Our friends at Little Folks Furniture give us their views on the matter, right here…so read on!

When planning your child’s bedroom, it’s a good idea to plan for longevity and versatility.

By buying one, high-quality bunk bed that can be adapted, instead of multiple, cheaper soft wood/pine replacement beds over the years, you will not only save money in the long run, but you will also be looking after our planet.

What is a convertible bunk bed?

Not all bunk beds split down into two beds, and if they do, not all are full size singles, so it’s worth doing your research and thinking ahead as to what your family’s needs might be in a few years’ time.

Convertible bunk beds like our best-selling Superior Classic Bunk Bed by Little Folks Furniture, enable parents to separate the bunk bed into two single beds at any stage. This benefit allows families the freedom and flexibility of having full size, solid hardwood single beds in different rooms, if required.

Split-down bunks will therefore work perfectly for the teenage years, and also for when the kids have left home and you’re left with extra space and want to turn your child’s old room into a guest bedroom. 

A convertible bunk bed is a multifunctional bed that provides multiple sleeping solutions for different life phases. 

When researching bunks with this added feature, check that they are full size single beds – 90 x 190cm or 90 x 200 (extra length).

This not only helps in terms of finding appropriate sized bedding, but ensures that there’s space for parents to snuggle up for the all-important story time too. If beds are full size singles, they can also be used as adult single beds later on.

If extra space is required, you also have the option to add a matching Underbed Trundle when purchasing the Superior Classic Bunk Bed. This trundle rolls easily out and in (thanks to hidden castors) to provide an extra bed. A solid bottom means it is the perfect sleepover solution. And if an extra bed for overnight guests is not required, then you can also use it as a massive storage drawer for toys or bedding.

From twin single beds to bunk bed

Most parents think of converting their child’s bunk bed into single beds when the time comes for a change. However, we are now speaking to more and more customers who instead purchase a bunk bed with the intention of starting off with the single bed format.

A perfect plan for any parents with children, who are not old enough to safely use a traditional bunk bed, but who want to invest in top quality beds from the start and eventually give their kids’ the bed of their dreams with a simple conversion.

This approach certainly streamlines the decision making process, and prevents unnecessary spending as you try to keep up with your child’s development.

Other key features of the Superior Classic Bunk Bed

  • simple, timeless design with sturdy structure – made from solid beech hardwood, this bunk is much more likely to last long past the sharing phase compared to softwood bunk beds made from knotty timber such as pine wood
  • reversible ladder – to work with your room layout, when you assemble the product, you can choose whether you want the ladder section on the left side or right side
  • safety rail for the top bunk – upper bunk mattress: maximum thickness 20cm, ensures that your child will be sleeping safely below the limit of the side rail, to help prevent any falls
  • high bed safety standards and rigorous safety testing – conforms to BS EN747 safety/quality standards. Finishes tested to BS EN 71 Part 1 (toxicity)
  • option to add an underbed trundle or storage drawer


When it comes to investing in quality bunk beds, it’s a good idea to also consider a high specification mattress for both safety and comfort. Children move around a lot in their sleep and therefore need supportive mattresses to ensure optimum comfort, and so the ability to choose your mattress type is important. Shop our award wining mattresses here:

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