Colour Crush: Slate

Colour Crush SlateLooking through our newly launched range of furniture and decor accessories for kids, you may already have noticed our colour of the moment! We love the moody appeal of the architectural colour, slate grey – and hope you do too! No longer drab and depressing, grey is undoubtedly one of the most fashion-forward colours for your home at the moment.

It is a more modern neutral that looks really great paired with white. It also offsets warmer and brighter shades beautifully. It is the balance of feminine and masculine. For girls we’ve paired slate with pops of bright, energising colours like ruby red, amethyst and zingy lime, whilst for boys we’ve used it with more placid blues and warmer neutrals.

The feel for both looks is transitional style, blending traditional and contemporary to help create a more modern, classic look with simpler lines than traditional but a more elaborate style than contemporary.

So why not get inspired and cocoon your kids with this chameleon of colours? Essentially grey works well with any colour scheme, so you can create a look that is either cool and calming or energetic, and turn what might currently be an unremarkable room into a trendy space that your child loves and really wants to hang out in!

Shop our Slate Grey look for boys here:

1) Geometric Rug, Blue

2) Geometric Blanket, Blue

3) Charterhouse Nightstand, Grey

4) Striped Storage Tote Bag

5) Chaterhouse Day Bed, Grey

6) Giant Gingham Reversible Duvet Set, Grey