Carddies: The Card People To Colour And Go






We are delighted that award-wining Carddies have finally reached South Africa!

They are exclusive to Nest in S.A. so you won’t find them anywhere else!

Raquel, co-creator of Carddies chats to us and tells their story…

1) What are Carddies

Carddies are very appealing sets of Card People who live in a box: you colour them in, give them names, make up their stories, and bring them to life.

My sister Esther and I launched the Carddies in the UK in 2012… we have worked very hard to produce a toy that is top quality, durable, Made in Britain and very eco-friendly.

Carddies make parents’ lives easier and children’s lives more fun!

Carddies are great fun and educational and offer hours of creative and imaginative play. This lovely video produced by Top Toy Reviews shows how much fun the Carddies are:

Carddies really can be taken with you wherever you go…As each set is self-contained and very portable, they are perfect for keeping children amused on any journey or outing…long-haul flights,  visits to restaurants or to grandparents, wedding receptions… they have also proved to be perfect for quiet time at home…We have had wonderful feedback on the Carddies (see

2) How did Carddies come about?

My sister Esther and I used to make cardboard dolls when we were little, and I was forever making little animals and people out of anything to hand …Having children of my own gave me the excuse to regress!

The first Carddies were made out of the backs of cereal packs…and I still make those when we are on holiday… I had no idea initially that my girls would be completely engrossed in colouring them in, giving them names and playing with them for hours at a time; let alone that other children would also love them and ask me to draw them…One day it occurred to me that the Carddies could be made into a toy, and that is when Esther’s huge (and very practical!) involvement started.

3) Tell us about the Carddies team? 

Carddies TeamAll the themes are inspired by our children (Esther and I have 7 children between us, and they continuously give us feedback and have been very involved in the process from the beginning to where the business is now).

For example, the children helped us to come up with the name of the business…The idea of a fold-out scene to colour in and use as a backdrop came from one of the children. The idea of a naming card came from my children always wanting to give the Carddies names (writing them on the backs of the figures).

We are all proud to be part of the Carddies team and are delighted that Carddies have reached South Africa through your wonderful online business!

RRP is R175.00

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