Bunk Bed Bliss

Discovering Parisot’s Best-Selling Three Sleeper Bunk Beds: A Blend of Safety, Style, and Functionality!

In the realm of children’s furniture, safety, style, and functionality are paramount considerations for parents. When it comes to bunk beds, the importance of these factors is even more pronounced. Enter Parisot, a renowned furniture supplier hailing from France, presenting two of their best-selling three sleeper bunk beds that seamlessly integrate quality construction, safety standards, and chic design.

1. Bibop Children’s Bunk Bed in Light Acacia

The Bibop bunk bed epitomizes a harmonious blend of quality craftsmanship and stylish aesthetics. Crafted with a premium feel, this bunk bed offers not just a sleeping space but a multifunctional hub for children’s essentials. Featuring integrated steps and a safety handrail, it ensures a secure climb to the top bunk. Moreover, the 3-compartment platform on each level offers essential storage, with reversible backs allowing for personalization with pink or taupe options.

Bunk Bed Bliss
3-compartment storage platform, with reversible pink or taupe back

The inclusion of a pull-out trundle bed adds versatility, ideal for accommodating sleepovers or providing additional storage. One standout feature is the ample storage space underneath the integrated staircase, perfect for storing books, toys, and games. Safety remains a top priority, with smooth, rounded edges and anti-slip safety strips ensuring peace of mind for parents.

Bunk Bed Bliss
Anti-slip safety strips, makes access to the sleeping area safe and easy

2. Biblio Bunk Bed

The Biblio bunk bed seamlessly combines fun and functionality in its design. With a focus on simplicity and safety, this bunk bed offers ample storage and convenient features for both parents and children. The inclusion of storage space along both the top and bottom bunks ensures easy access to essentials like reading lamps and favorite books. Additionally, the pull-out trundle bed provides extra sleeping space or storage, enhancing the bed’s versatility.

Bunk Bed Bliss
The pull-out trundle bed on wheels slides comfortably under the bottom bunk – fantastic for additional storage or sleepovers!

Safety features such as non-slip strips on the ladder steps and a safety barrier around the upper bed perimeter ensure a secure environment for children. The deep ladder steps prioritize comfort and safety, making it easier for children to climb. With its elegant design and sturdy construction, the Biblio bunk bed is a testament to Parisot’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Bunk Bed Bliss
Your child will remain safe in the top bed thanks to the protective barrier

Shared Features:

Both bunk beds share common features that underscore Parisot’s dedication to safety and quality.

These include:

Safety barriers around the upper bed perimeter for added security.

Compatibility with extra-length size mattresses, ensuring a comfortable sleeping experience.

Easy assembly with clear instructions provided, though it’s recommended to enlist the help of two adults.

Compliance with EN747/-1:2012+A1:2015 safety/quality standards for children’s furniture, ensuring peace of mind for parents.

A 2-year manufacturer’s warranty included, providing additional assurance of quality and reliability.

Additional Offerings:

In addition to the bunk beds themselves, we also stock a mattress specifically designed for the top bunk, with a maximum height recommendation of 15cm. This high-quality PU technifoam mattress with hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite properties, is crafted to provide optimal support and comfort while ensuring safety for children sleeping on the top bunk.


With Parisot’s almost 90-year legacy in the furniture industry, choosing their three sleeper bunk beds is a decision grounded in reliability and innovation. These beds not only meet strict safety standards but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of any children’s room. From the Bibop’s smart, premium design to the Biblio’s blend of elegance and functionality, these bunk beds offer a perfect balance of style, safety, and comfort. Invest in Parisot bunk beds for an earth-friendly, attractive addition to your child’s bedroom that will stand the test of time.

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