Brand New Bunk Bed

Introducing our modern Kai Bunk Bed by Trasman

Make room sharing easy and exciting with our brand new, contemporary Kai Bunk Bed from Trasman.

As much as kids love a bunk bed, parents will also appreciate the Kai Bunk Bed’s good looks. A smart design with a premium feel, this modern bunk bed has a smooth, sleek look that won’t go out of style. The Kai Bunk Bed might be a lofty piece of furniture but it also features great space-saving qualities within a relatively compact footprint. Bunk beds take advantage of vertical space, leaving more floor area open for play and study.

There is an integrated ladder that doesn’t jut out, so it is perfect for tight spaces. Kids 6 years and old can easily manage a safe climb to the top bunk using the wide steps with effective non-slip strips plus the curved grip on the ladder. You also have the option to think about where you want to position the ladder too, as this bunk is reversible. The ladder can be positioned on the left or right of the bed, so you can choose the configuration that suits your layout.

This bunk bed also allows 3 kids to sleep in style. It is therefore the perfect choice if extra space for sleepovers is required. It includes a matching pull-out trundle on wheels slides comfortably under the bottom bunk. An underbed trundle can also be used as a handy storage drawer, if an overnight guest is not expected.

A stunning Cascina wood effect finish gives this bunk bed a trendy, modern appeal – just perfect for fitting in with a contemporary décor scheme in any kid’s bedroom! It is available in four colour combinations. Choose from Cascina and White, Cascina, White and Antique Pink, Cascina, White and Smoky Blue or Cascina, White and Shade.

And of course, when it comes to any product within the Nest range your child’s safety is paramount to us – especially when it comes to bunk beds! So rest assured that the Kai Bunk Bed has been tested to the correct standard for children’s furniture. Be sure to follow our guidelines too when it comes to age restrictions and also mattress depth for the top bunk.

Please note that we are the exclusive distributors in South Africa of Trasman. Should you be offered any item carrying the trade mark of this brand, or looking substantially similar to an item displayed here, it will be an unlawful imitation of the item of merchandise displayed under the name of this listed brand.

Such an imitation, apart from constituting a trade mark and/or copyright infringement, will not have been subject to the rigorous testing and quality control of the products that we supply. It may constitute a danger to your child, as neither the materials used nor the construction of the product can be guaranteed fit for purpose.

Beautifully designed and crafted in Barcelona the Kai Bunk Bed is a functional, dream bed for any child!

Trasman is one of Spain’s leading furniture manufacturers. Trasman is most well known for their innovative, well designed, high quality, functional furniture for kids and teens. The range is produced at their factory in Barcelona, Spain using cutting edge German technology for precisely constructed, rigid furniture that is built to last. The stringent quality control of the raw material, the care taken in the development and production processes plus service excellence to their customers, means that Trasman has been successfully equipping homes with their furniture in over 32 countries around the world for more than 30 years. 

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