Book Nook

These are our top tips for creating a cosy, functional kid-friendly book nook at home.

Firstly, the trick is to keep it child focused and inviting. If you want your kids to spend time there, then in order to attract and hold their interest the space needs to appeal to them.

They need to have some input when it comes to arranging the layout and design.

Allow them (within reason), to help choose the colours, the furniture and decor accessories plus the books they’d like to read there.

Elements from noise level to lighting can influence a child’s ability to focus on and engage with reading, so make sure you chose the right zone in your home – minimal traffic flow, no distractions nearby and away from electronics!

You really don’t need much to make the space work effectively – keep it simple and clutter-free! The area you choose needs to be a functional, usable spot for reading.

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What you need:

  • a bookcase or wall shelf (within easy reach)
  • a comfy seat
  • good lighting
  • a floor rug
  • a cosy blanket or quilt
  • books
  • a soft toy to keep them company

Below, we’ve put together some ideas from the NEST range:

Book Nook1) Lighting – A well-lit environment is imperative and will allow a better view of the pictures and words in the books. Shop here:

2) Beanbag – A comfortable place to perch is essential! Shop here:

3) Noticeboard – A noticeboard is a great way to display age-appropriate reading lists for your kids. Shop here:

4) Bookcase or Wall Shelves – Front-facing shelves allow your child to pick out books for themselves, so you are more than likely to find your child curled up, reading! Shop here:

5) Soft Toy – The perfect companion! Shop here:

6) Rug – Brighten up the space with a colourful rug. Shop here:

7) Book Box – Add some portable storage that is easy for toddlers to use independently. Shop here:

8) Quilt – Provide a blanket or quilt for comfort. Shop here:

Plus you’ll need the all important…books! Include a variety of books to enable your child to choose a book that interests them. Shop here:

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Follow these simple steps and in no time, you will have a simple book nook that’s bound to motivate your child to love reading!

Shop our full range of ideas right here: