Best Three Quarter and Double Beds

The perfect 3/4 or double bed for your youngster is only a few clicks away!

Our “grown up” beds are perfect for kids who’d like to have that extra bit of space. Nowadays children of all ages are appreciating the benefits and indulgence of a bigger bed. At Nest, we range a variety of stylish and functional 3/4 and double beds that will see them through from tween years to adulthood. 

What is a typical 3/4 and double bed size?

  • 3/4 bed mattress size is 120cm in width x 190cm in length
  • double bed mattress size is 140cm in width x 190cm in length, which is also the standard size for an adult’s double bed

Nest also offers extra length options (200cmL). Extra length beds are a practical solution for a tall human. And they can be 13! 

What age can a child have a double bed?

Experts suggest that a double bed can be suitable for any child above the age of 3+.

What are some of the benefits of having a double bed for a child?

  1. As a double bed is obviously a larger piece of furniture, they are more suited to bedrooms that are more spacious.
  2. If your child is moving from a single bed, then gaining an extra 50cm of sleeping surface will mean extra room to toss and turn as they please.
  3. A double bed also offers a practical benefit by providing space for you to sleep alongside your youngster during sleepless nights or when they are ill and they just want a parent. Being nearby can make a sick child feel more secure and more likely to sleep through the night.
  4. Some double beds come with lower-to-ground frames, making it easier for smaller children to climb in and out.
  5. Kids grow really fast, so keeping up with a bed size that suits their needs can be costly. Investing in a double bed during your child’s early years will mean you won’t need to upgrade when they hit high school. Double beds therefore provide longevity, lasting well into teenage years and beyond for most.
  6. Double beds for kids also provide a sense of maturity and adulthood and if you also involve your child in helping to choose their own bed, bedtime may just become more exciting and you’ll never have to nag your child to hit the hay again!
  7. Some of our double beds have integrated compartments, shelves and cubby holes. Clever design features like this will allow the sleeper to transform their bed into a multi-functional piece of furniture without taking up any more precious floor space. Perfect for keeping night-time essentials within easy reach too.

Nest has a great range of 3/4 and double beds which are suitable for children and teenagers alike. Imported from Europe they are all exclusive to us in South Africa, so you won’t find these products anywhere else.

These well designed, contemporary beds can totally transform their room without the need for renovation or redecoration. From wooden bed frames to metal bed frames, functional yet stylish, here are our top picks for the space-loving, sleepyheads in your life.

Jazz Double Bed with Nightstand & Underbed Drawers – Oak by Trasman

Jazz Double Bed with Nightstand & Underbed Drawers – White by Trasman

Clean lines and storage space! The innovative and stylish, double-size, Jazz bedstead will make a statement in your child’s bedroom whilst also acting as a practical solution for tidying things away. A perfect multi-purpose furniture piece! Underneath the bed are four deep drawers providing easy-to-access space on either side of the bed, to accommodate items you want to keep out of sight.

The built-in bedside units on either side will also make a perfect place to pop their bedtime reads and can be easily tucked away when they are not in use. Above each movable unit there is also an additional open cubby located in the headboard. Available in Oak/Graphite and White/Beton.

Sabia Double Bed with Storage – White by Diagone

Packed with handy storage the Sabia Double Bed by Diagone comes complete with a headboard that doubles up as storage spaces that are perfect for keeping all their possessions close by. This really practical headboard has 2 drawers, 2 open compartments and a small shelf running along the whole width of the bed. There is a large drawer on castors at the footboard plus side storage compartments under the bed and on each side. These additional open and closed under bed storage sections can also be used for keeping other essentials out of sight and neatly organised. Brown leather handles on the drawers add a trendy, designer look.

Tonight Double Bed – Bleached Pine/White by Gami

Tonight Double Bed – White by Gami

The Tonight Double Bed by Gami offers a mixture of underbed cubby space (2 compartments) and 2 large drawers – perfect for storing extra bedding, clothes, shoes and various other items. One drawer is at the foot of the bed and the other on the side). You can effortlessly minimise clutter without losing precious floor space. It also features a spacious shelving unit headboard for keeping bedtime essentials within easy reach. This bed is reversible so it can be assembled left or right. Available in Bleached Pine/White and White.

Larvik Double Bed – Blond Oak/White by Gami

The Larvik Double Bed has a clean-lined profile that fuses modern Scandinavian style and practicality. Subtle detailing on the headboard plus slightly tapered, solid beech, front legs lend a smart styling accent. The Blond Oak and White aesthetic gives this sustainably made bed a simple, trendy appeal. It’s neutral enough to fit into hundreds of room schemes and is perfect for those who’d prefer a more minimalist look.

Quinn Four Poster Canopy Bed – White (Double, Extra Length)

Our solid wood, double Quinn Canopy bed frame is a statement choice for your child’s bedroom. This design showcases a more refined approach to Mid-Century inspired furniture. It features a streamlined headboard and its four-poster style makes it a perfect option for transforming any bedroom into an inviting sleep sanctuary. If you want to go all the way to an even more elegant bedroom setup with a touch of added luxury, then the addition of the canopy designed to fit perfectly is a must. The choice is yours.

Oxford Metal Bed incl Slats – White (3/4)

Oxford Metal Bed incl Slats – Black (3/4)

The Oxford is a wonderful, traditional-style, three quarter metal bed frame. A nostalgic re-design of the classic ‘gaslight’ beds of Victorian-era Britain, as seen in hospitals and dormitories of the age. Bold, curved head and foot ends create a strong classic aesthetic, accentuated by subtle, yet detailed castings. The Oxford metal bed comes with a sprung slat system as standard, ensuring a softer feel, ultimate comfort plus greater longevity for the mattress of your choice. These also help keep the mattress well ventilated and supported, for a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.

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