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Kids tend to spend lots of time in their room, so it’s always great when they can have an area which they like and also where they feel comfortable when it comes to studying.

And because their needs change quickly, a flexible environment is more important now than ever before. In order to meet their changing demands and expectations, we need more adaptable, flexible and multi-functional furniture pieces in our homes.

If you are looking for a versatile desk for homework,  that is not only functional and comfortable but also looks good, then our fantastic modular desk is the answer to your requirements!

Our brand new Modula Desk from Diagone will ensure you are able to create the ultimate, organsied, study station for your child that has a truly tailored feel.

It is a stylish, resizable and affordable desk system that you can easily adapt to suit any type of interior.

This agile desk with an incredible 6 different positions can be re-arranged quickly, so you don’t have to spend more on furniture every time your child’s needs change.

The desk has 3 positions, train style in 2 adjustable lengths or with the storage unit attached at a right angle – the choice is yours and it just depends on what space you have available.

This desk can be assembled in these same positions to suit a left or right-handed person.

There are two sliding doors in the storage unit that can be moved across to create either concealed or open storage compartments. Underneath the spacious work top there are two additional, easy-reach storage areas.

Special features include:

  • measures: 76cmH x 203cmL (fully extended), 180cmL (partially extended), 130cmL (right angle) x 45cmD
  • please refer to image gallery above to see length measurements indicated for different positions: A = 203cL, B = 180cmL and C=130cmL
  • weight: 52kgs (2 cartons)
  • made from tough, densely compacted E1 quality particle board
  • frame: particleboard covered with Artisan Oak effect and White foil
  • wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth
  • supplied as a kit with clear assembly instructions – set aside sufficient time
    we do not recommend the use of power tools on any panels
  • 2 year manufacturer’s contractual warranty included. Please check with Nest regarding exclusions
  • conforms to European safety/quality standards for furniture
  • designed and made in France

Please note that we are the exclusive distributors in South Africa of Diagone. Should you be offered any item carrying the trade mark of this brand, or looking substantially similar to an item displayed here, it will be an unlawful imitation of the item of merchandise displayed under the name of this listed brand.

Such an imitation, apart from constituting a trade mark and/or copyright infringement, will not have been subject to the rigorous testing and quality control of the products that we supply. It may constitute a danger to your child, as neither the materials used nor the construction of the product can be guaranteed fit for purpose.

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