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Be A Sport!

Whichever team you support, we have a range that’s just perfect for all you sports fans!

If we were to ask you what is one of the most popular bedroom themes for boys, most of you would say ‘Sports’ right? So why have we never had Sports themed bedding for boys before? Well, we have always found it difficult to find a design that is just right for a theme like this. We didn’t want anything too obvious with big footballs, or Manchester United logos, which just wouldn’t fit with the essence of our brand. There are so many other companies out there catering for that part of the market and we don’t want to jump on the bandwagon.

Sports 3

So when we were searching we were thinking ‘Sports’ with an understated sophistication and definitely sporting a combination of navy, red and white – our best selling, dynamic and bold colour palette that never seems to go out of style for boys bedrooms. To create a more interesting, layered look a gorgeous boyish check fabric was also added to the mix.

Highland Check Duvet Single Duvet Set for Boys Bedding Kids Bedroom Pure Cotton

For all our young Sports enthusiasts, we didn’t want to leave any major sport out so you’ll find rugby, football , cricket and basketball in the motifs plus a few stars and players numbers to really make it cool.

Sports Quilt for Boys Bedding Bedroom Teenager Decor Children Pure Cotton Football Rugby Details

We think the finished article has a wonderful vintage feel, which is quite on trend right now and just the look we wanted. This Sports themed bedding for boys will last for many years as your little Sportsman grows and moves up with his team. The range includes a check duvet set, Sports quilt and pillowcase. It can be teamed up with our boys stripe rug or star rug and navy gingham curtains and accessorised with our trendy red clips lamp, star memo board, star storage box, a wire sports basket and storage cube.

Sports 5

Our fantastic sports baskets will hold tennis, cricket and rugby balls, as well as soccer balls, cricket bats, tennis rackets and hockey sticks. They are see through so they can always spot the one they want, and they stand upright so nothing tumbles out. Heaven!

Wire Sports Basket and Cubes

So, if you are looking to create a bright and happy bedroom for the young man in your life, don’t miss out on our exciting Sports bedding range!

Highand Check Duvet Single Duvet and Sports Quilt Set for Boys Teenagers Bedding Kids Pure Cotton Detail


Shop the range right here by clicking on these links:

1) Duvet Set – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/bedding/all-bedding/highland-check-duvet-set-single/

2) Quilt – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/bedding/all-bedding/sports-applique-quilt-single/

3) Stripe Rug – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/aspace/aspace-accessories/aspace-rugs/salisbury-stripe-rug-large-by-aspace/

4) Star Rug – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/decor/all-decor/blue-star-rug-large/

5) Curtains – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/decor/all-decor/navy-gingham-pleated-curtains/

6) Clips Lamp – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/decor/clips-lamp-with-chrome-edge-red-by-lifetime-kidsrooms/

7) Memo Board – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/storage/all-storage/fabric-message-board-red-star/

8) Storage Box – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/storage/all-storage/fabric-storage-box-red-star/

9) Sports Basket – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/toy-storage/wire-sports-basket-grey/

10) Wire Cube – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/toy-storage/wire-cube-grey/

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Up to 50% off our most trusted, exclusive, high quality brands.