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Back To School

School introduces children to a new sense of structure and responsibility and their bedrooms need to reflect this change. Create a dedicated space for projects and homework by adding a desk. Accessorise with coloured accents and accessories to make the look of this functional space more fun.

Functional and stylish storage is an essential element to consider when decorating a child’s room, no matter how old they are. Children are natural collectors, so select a basic display shelf that will allow maximum versatility as its use changes with your child’s interests. A bookcase will provide a dedicated space for books and will also encourage reading. A modular shelving system offers complete flexibility when it comes to creating a storage solution that can grow and be adapted to your child’s changing needs. It is important to ensure that there is a good mix of permanent and transportable storage in a child’s room. Boxes and bins are great for storing stuff because they can be stored on bookshelves, under beds or simply stacked on the floor for easy access. They can also be carried around the house, from room to room.

Your children’s own private space should become a strong memory for them.