Away With The Fairies!

Fairy Garden BedroomDesign a girly bedroom that’s playful and fresh, but will also transition easily from toddler to teen. A mix of patterns knows no age barrier and provides plenty of other colour options for makeovers later on. In this scheme our Bright Patchwork Duvet Set (1) with its pretty patterns, peppy colours and patchwork effect, is sure to brighten up any bedroom in an instant!

A foundation of sleek white furniture like our Farringdon Desk (8) offers a modern look, whilst happy, soothing shades of purple and lipstick pink add youthful personality.

Whilst a two-colour scheme is simple, sometimes adding a third or fourth colour can also help to make a room sing. Leaving room for additions also lets you incorporate a favourite, of-the-moment colour. In this look, the duvet set echoes the room’s pink-and-purple scheme but also features a bit of blue and orange, which also reappears in the 100% wool, Candy Striped Rug (9).

Be bold with pattern-mixing in a girl’s bedroom to create a space full of life and energy. Keep scale in mind and mix large, small, and medium-scale patterns to achieve balance.

Themes are common in kid’s rooms, but if you’d rather avoid them, look for more subtle ways to introduce a motif. To create a look for a fairy enthusiast, rather than a whole fairy bedding set and suite of accessories, we’ve included a just few pieces such as our Secret Garden Wall Shelf (5), Fairy Storage Tote (6) and Dewdrop Fairy Nightlight (11) to add enchantment.

Hopefully these recommendations will inspire but just in case a magical bedroom that will attract Thumbelina herself is not for you, we also have other great ideas for girls’ bedrooms on our Pinterest page. Click on this link  for further inspiration – there are so many more wonderful ideas to choose from!

Shop our Fairy Garden look right here:

1) Bright Patchwork Reversible Duvet Set, Single

2) Madeline Chandelier

3) Retro Chair, Pink

4) Storage Bundle (A2) Pink/Purple by STOMPA

5) Fairy Garden Metal Wall Shelf

6) Fabric Storage Tote, Fairy

7) Castor Storage Box, Pink

8) Farringdon Desk, White by ASPACE

9) Candy Stripe Rug, Large by ASPACE

10) On the Go Art Caddy, Pink

11) “Dewdrop the Fairy” Toadstool Nightlight, Pink